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  1. Hello Guys In the end I hydrated coir using my tap water. I then put it in a cotton tote shopping bag and tied up the handles. I washed it twice with tap water in a sink and squeezed and drained till the TDS more of less matched my tap water. Then repeated with my RO water twice and managed to get the final wash water down to about 20. This is fine for small amounts but I dread to think what you would do if you needed large quantities. Don't gross out but I did taste the first wash and it did not taste salty. Cheers Adam
  2. Hello all Growers, Hope you are all well. I did an experiment today and found out something quite interesting. Yes it is a lock down experiment I am mainly an indoor grower but all my Sarracenia, VFT and Darlingtonia are all outside and watered with rain water. I live in the North West of England. I grow three hybrids of Nepenthes in a window, a few Drosera binata in a window, a Ping in a window and a hell of a lot of Cephalotus in windows. I went peat free about three years ago. I straight switched coir for peat but always noticed a definite sulk in all my plants on re-potting.
  3. I have not used them but I do know what you mean. Peat is dug from bogs in Ireland and dried and used for fuel. I once took a delivery of the stuff and put it in the turf shed. This will be sphagnum moss peat but it could harbour other stuff like weeds or disease. I use coir bricks now as I have gone peat free. https://www.nationalgeographic.org/media/peat-forgotten-fuel/ Cheers Adam
  4. Hello Everyone I have been growing Cephalotus in the UK for over 25 years now but still no expert. I have done some Googling and there is often debate over what bit of the plant is which. For the purpose of this post I am referring to both leaves and traps as leaves. I have taken leaf cuttings in the past which you can do without disturbing the mother plant so much. I get around a 80-90% strike rate. However due to now living in a flat I don't have much windowsill room I don't take leaf cuttings anymore. I have a mother plant that I have had for ages and she was in a 4 inch (10 cm) a
  5. Hello, I am probably being really dumb, but can I ask if the person with the wonderful Heliamphora collection has their plants under the Vaxer LED's from IKEA or another setup? I have my mother Cephalotus under a single VÄXER LED bulb for cultivation PAR30 E27. This is a relatively new experiment maybe, two months now? She is in a 7-inch/18cm pot about 25cm from the bulb. Just putting on new spring growth now. I have a timer which I change to sunrise and sunset in the UK every week. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/indoor-gardening/indoor-growing-cultivators/växer-led-bulb-fo