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  1. Thanks for the help. My initial jitters are gone. It is thriving. The plant has doubled its pitcher's. Looking very strong. As this is my first attempt with Sarracenia I also wanted to know now a couple of pitches have now opened, how long does it take to colour up like the mature ones
  2. Thankyou. Never really put Sun loving plants outside, as our weather is never good for long enough and stay in conservatory. Not going to give up. It's still looks strong and has a lot of new growth, just surprised me how quickly the three pitcher's shrivled up
  3. Hi all, I Have Purchased a Leucophylla Hybrid, and This is my first Sarracenia. I have had plenty of succsess With Venus Fly traps And they are thriving. I have had My sarracenia for three weeks now and it is growing New Pitches so Pleased with that. However as we are having a hot Sunny spell I have put it outside to Get direct sunlight and has been getting 10 hours a day for 5 days in a row, I have brought it in tonight and just noticed that three of the smaller pitches have gone wrinkly. It has plenty of standing water. what happened? Can it get too hot or too much Direct sun