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  1. Hi Dany, You are a magician, beautiful plant, nice flower. Did you try any self pollinisation or hybridation ? Lolo
  2. Hello Daniel, I do not grow a lot of Pinguicula (just 2 species) but I really love your "mutant" P.primuliflora 'rose', nice color and incredible multiple flower Cheers! Lolo
  3. Hi! Thanks for the whole plant Daniel ! Huge D.chrysolepis !! (Oohh, there is a small one near the big ) Which kind of substrate do you use for south american species ? sand / sphagnum peat moss (50/50) ? Few weeks ago Gert sold D.duida...I missed the offer Fernando, each time your pictures of plants in habitat are gorgeous, thanks for sharing. Lolo
  4. Hi, Daniel, your plants are simply splendid, you know how I am fan of it! I would make everything to reach this level of beauty, I really love these plants. Have you a whole picture of D.chrysolepis ? I lost mine during the terrible heat wave in august 2003, during this time I did not cultivate my south Americans Drosera in the cellar (more cool...). Thanks! Lolo
  5. Hello, Very nice photos So small and adorable but already almost with their recognizable form of adult, especially D.erythrorhyza and the fisrt prostate leaves of D.peltata. I'am so fan of these tuberous. Thanks Lolo
  6. Always impressive and splendid your photos Pacoche. Bravo! Lolo
  7. Nice photos, incredible size of your D.macrantha! I remenber my D.peltata was 66cm hight last year. I also like the small D.regia rolling up the fly Lolo
  8. Wonderfull colored plant and beautifull photo The trap makes almost fear! Lolo
  9. Loool ! It's right, be carreful when Nico is connected, no 'fautes de fran├žais" escape from him. In my highland terra I cultivate with succes D. montana var. montana, D. esterhuyseniae D.ssp 'auyan tepui' , D.roraimae(?) , D.villosa, D.graomogolensis , D.madagascariensis. sul Laurent
  10. Nice idea Nicolas, let cook some tonight...
  11. Hello Melly, Nice to see you there !! I love your pic but I prefere the prolifera