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  1. Thanks! :) The lighter tone could be due to the photo, I think they are slightly darker in reality, especially the 'skirt' (sorry for using a non-taxonomically correct term). No location though; the plant came from "Nicolas de Lyon" (if I remember correctly). Frank
  2. Beautiful Utricularia, even though the weed doesn't look too bad either! Frank
  3. Another link for Bonn 2006 Frank
  4. I have spotted one offshoot, white to light green in colour. It is about 1cm long now. Meanwhile, the flowers have reached the top (only one more set to go, I think). Frank
  5. Now already 3 U. warburgii flowers are open on the same stalk. That is part of the appeal of these plants. Thanks for the comments everyone. Frank
  6. As an appetizer: U. nana (a few weeks ago) Main course & dessert: U. warburgii, now, at last. Astonishingly beautiful, really. Those colours! Frank
  7. I read that the plant will indeed die after setting seed, while producing offshoots. So far, no sign of these though. Flowers are open for one day. The current ones have almost reached the top.
  8. That surely is "flowering in abundance"! Frank
  9. Time for an update! Status on July 25th: Status on August 24th (today): Beautiful small flowers... Frank
  10. Well, that sure is something different that the "usual" Utricularia flowers! Frank
  11. Cute little flowers! Peculiar species for sure... Frank
  12. I think that picture on is the same as the one that appeared on the website... I noticed that my webhost acts funny even if I just paste the link (it doesn't allow hotlinking images). Copying & pasting the link normally works though. Anyway, I have transloaded them: pot leaf detail So far no flowers. Frank
  13. New pitchers means time for new photos! Heliamphora tatei var. neblinae Heliamphora minor Frank