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    hey there linuxman - ive a linux lappo, so we have that in common also? Thinkpad with debian Its way easier to keep happy than my carnivores.
  2. cogsred


    Not been here for ages.. i blame the government. Got some drosera capensis, which over winter in the house, and a three year old pot of venus traps. They stay mainly in the coldframe (along with the tortoises!) once spring hits (quite late up here) they go into the coldframe, with occasional trips outside to feed. There is also some rotunda caps in the bog garden (tyres full with peat) which are holding on so far. Sorry for delayed response but there has been a pandemic.
  3. Spring is late arriving in these parts, but my one year old Homebase venus trap and purpurea now showing signs of life in my new plantpot bog garden. Fingers crossed. Hello all :-)