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  1. Dear growers, I recently started growing Heliamphora again after I rescued a H minor that I gave my mother more than a year ago, which nearly died after drying out too much. In any case, I remembered how cool Heliamphora are and ordered a couple extra ones (vendor not disclosed) and set up a growing environment in my - a heterodoxa and a flowering size H nutans. The order arrived on Saturday, with 2 very large instead of one very large H nutans with a note "2x adult H nutans repotted, sorry ... if any problems let me know". I grow my plants in a fishtank in my greenhouse in pots in 1cm standing water surrounded by live sphagnum with a lid on, to keep the moisture high enough. Normally the repotted H nutans would not be a problem, but the plants have been planted into very deep sweet pea pots, so I can't close the lid and I am worried that the plants will suffer and maybe die. So the question is whether I should repot them again in normal sized pots, such that I can close the lid and give them better conditions. Also, I would want to change the substrate as the existing substrate is a bark, mix with some sphagnum and peat in it, which is likely to not stay moist enough if I just keep them in the fishtank without the lid closed. Any advice would be appreciated: I already sent the vendor a note asking for advice, but additional opinion would be appreciated. Best Regards Lars