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  1. Thanks - that does help and sounds right to me. I wonder whether there would be scope to use something like this LED tape https://www.ultraleds.co.uk/premium-optiprofile-24v-16-5w-neutral-white-4000k-240-leds-per-metre-no-spotting-tape-ip65-splashproof-5-metre-reel.html it's claiming 1400 lumens per metre, >90 cri. I'm imagining my setup as above but with a full ring over the top which probably adds to about 40-50cm of tape that could shine on the plants. technically could double up the width too if necessary. No idea how bright that would be to the eye (other than "very"!) any thoughts on that? thanks!
  2. I don't suppose you know what _would_ be acceptable do you? a minimum-recommended sort of thing.. i've found it hard as an amateur to find information on anything relevant to small setups, it all tends to be for large terrariums and lighting much bigger than my whole pot. Basically i'm looking for something that works and i can also make reasonably aesthetically pleasing but if that's never going to be an option i'll move it and put something else on this tiny shelf.. (for that reason i'd prefer white light too but again i know that's never going to be as effective either)
  3. so i went ahead anyway, here's version 1 (not totally convinced by my design but hey): i'm happy just running an experiment but still looking for real world advice as to whether this would have any benefits whatsoever - my gut says "no". to reiterate, in a south facing room but on that wall so gets basically no direct sun. 2 "4w, 3200k, claimed 310 lumens, ra80" led bulbs
  4. Hi, I have a single small pot (cephalotus) in a south facing room but only in direct sunlight briefly each day (1 hour, in summer!) I'd rather keep it there if i can so i'm wondering about low profile lighting solutions and whether they will make a worthwhile difference. I had some g4 LED bulbs so mocked up and 3d printed a holder of the kind of scale i'd ideally like. This bulb is 4w, 3200k, claimed 310 lumens, ra80 - it's dual sided and my low quality tin foil reflector and proximity probably wastes a lot of light from that side. could be mounted 10-15cm from the plant i imagine. heat seems negligable from my few hours test. I know nothing about lighting for plants - would one, two, three of these be of any benefit at all? if not, any changes i could make without going up in size? thanks!