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  1. Is carnivorous compost really necessary? I thought the roots don't take up any nutrients so their only function is the create a foundation for the plant to grow on. They are in a sunny spot.
  2. I stratified them for 4 weeks in somewhat moist condidtions, not wet tho. They weren't doing anything so I moved them to the place i keeo them in now which is even moister and their shells opened along with some jelly stuff coming out of them. Nothing after that
  3. High temp or being submerged from time to time may be a problem. Tissue paper is soft, not mush tho, but i doubt that would cause much of an issue as long as the seedlings could stay upright.
  4. My seeds have sort of split and white gel has come out of them. This was a month after I put them in my container on some toilet paper to grow... They haven't done anything since and it's been a couple months now. I keep the area super moist to the point of it almost filling upto the top with water. It always warm as its facing a sunny side and has a clear lid on.