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  1. AlliRH

    My venus wont close :/

    I have the trap in a dish of boiled and then cooled water and its in the kitchen next to a window.
  2. AlliRH

    My venus wont close :/

    Heres a pic!
  3. AlliRH

    My venus wont close :/

    I have recently got this Venus flytrap as a gift from a friend and I attempted to feed it a small earthworm, and it didnt respond. It had a few dead leaves which i removed carefully and i tried to stimulate it - nothing. Advice?
  4. AlliRH

    Holes in pitchers

    When I brought my pitcher home, it had some holes in 3 or 4 of the pitchers, the holes are not big, but what should i do?
  5. AlliRH

    Tips on caring?

    I just got a bloody mary pitcher plant and i am new to carnivorous plant keeping, so have any tips? Also, it did not have any liquid in the pitchers so i gave them a tiny bit of water. Would that help?