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  1. All growing in an 18 inch square tray of pure Sphagnum. Been in there since small plants and all seem happy enough. Dave
  2. Many thanks for that. Have to get a few pots ready for next season. Dave
  3. What would be the best type of pot to transplant into. Half pots or full depth ? I am thinking of next season already and the plants I have already in full depth pots just do not look right. A bit dry on the top if anything. Although the plants look heathy enough. Thanks in advance. Dave
  4. Could it be, (Scindapsus aureus) - Devils Ivy. It`s just that the leaves look very similar to it although a bit on the yellow side. Don`t know if that is the normal colour of the plant or just lacking in something apart from light. Dave
  5. Great looking plants. Are all the plants still in pots ? Dave
  6. Well done. They really do look fantastic. As already said it must have been a very good friend to cut them for you as I don`t think I would have been able to. Came from some very good plants from the looks of things. Belated congratulations from me also. Dave
  7. Got some Venosa`s outside in a small bog and one of them had a flower spike at the base I noticed this morning. The head was about as big as a ten pence piece, gone now though. Dave
  8. Thanks Davy. It wouldn`t surprise me if the plant came from P.J.Plants as my mate gets a few from there as he doesn`t live that far away from their nursery. Just have to wait for the stronger pitchers later in the year. Dave
  9. Great pics, crisp and clean. Must sought out a way of getting more into my greenhouse. That shelf looks the biz to me. Dave
  10. I thank you for the fast response, as ever. What might the last pic be please, some of the labels are fast fading and I cannot make some of them out. I can see I am going to have to photograph them and place here in the hope I can get them identified. Thanks again. Dave
  11. A few pics of the plant in question. All the plants are in the greenhouse Aidan and this is the only one affected. Some of the other plants look, I think fine. Dave
  12. I was given a plant last year and when it came into growth the pitchers were week and could not stand erect by themselves, virtually all of them bend in the middle and flop. This year it has happened again. I was told it was a plant from tissue culture. Would this make a difference? How can I get the pitchers stromg enough to stand for next year or do I have to put up with floppy pitchers on this plant ? :cry: If it makes life easier then I can take a pic and put it here. Many thanks Dave
  13. Thankyou people for the responses, and thanks for the link to the other thread Aidan. I must have missed that one, sorry for asking the same question again. Dave
  14. What do you do with them? I have been cutting them down throughout the winter, getting rid of the brown parts as it goes down the tube. Now some of the plants are coming into flower, some are not. The ones that aren`t flowering this year are sending up new pitchers which are now mixed with last years. So what to do with the old ones. Do I carry on cutting them off as they brown or cut them hard back to the base of the plant ?? Or try to pull them away from the base ? Don`t like the idea of the latter as they are still firmly in place. Thanks in advance. Dave
  15. I know they say to plant Tagetes (mini marigold) in between Tomatos in the greenhouse to keep the green and whitefly at bay. I think it is something to do with the smell of the Tagetes that the insects don`t like. Don`t know about mealy bug though. :cry: Dave