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  1. Coursair

    Tips on caring?

    I have an N. ampullaria x spectabilis. You can add a little RO, Distilled or rain water to the pitchers. Use a TDS meter to check your tap water. Some areas have low TDS and the tap water is safe to use. Mine is growing in my mini Greenhouse. But it will outgrow it soon. Mine is also a very hardy hybrid. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Coursair

    where to buy Nepenthes?!

    If you buy, Buy with caution. This is a US company I bought a small N bicalcarata “Red Blush”. I’m in California. So same country. Mine arrived looking beat up, no pitchers and black at the base of the leaves. I’ve babied it, put it in my indoor Greenhouse and the plant has put out a new leaf and the color is a nice green. No pitchers yet. Other buyers on FB report similiar. Great prices, but plants arrive in rough shape. The seller was quick to answer questions before the sale. Communicated well. Small is very small. Leaves pale green. Now it’s starting to look better Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk