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  1. steve r


    Hi Johan, welcome and hope you like it here as much as I do. I'm a newbie 2.
  2. I think I need to delve into this a bit further, I'd hate to kill my plants before I start JuanP. I'll definitely look into the liquid feeds and think I'll start breeding meal worms as well as fruit flies for young plants.
  3. steve r


    Hi Netjer, I'm new here myself, and have caught the CP bug, no pun intended. I'm just finding my way around at the moment, but up to now it seems like a descent forum with plenty of help from members when needed. I think I have chose the right forum to further my CP education, so welcome and hope you enjoy it here as much as I am.
  4. Just what I was looking for JuanP, thanks for the post mate. I've fed them this morning with some betta fish pellets made into a paste with a little RO water. But I would like to vary there diet if possible, so your post has helped out tremendously thanks.
  5. Hi guys, just a quick one. I've read that you can feed your Drosera crushed Betta fish pellets if there are no insects about at times like winter (indoor plants). The question is, is it True or False.
  6. Thanks Martin. I've used zip lock bags to raise the humidity for my succulents in the past, so I'll do the same with for the Drosera to get back It's dew. It's good to know that the cpukf has a friendly atmosphere, unlike some of the car forums I frequent . I'm looking forward to buying more CP's when the time comes, so I'll give you a shout mate.
  7. Hi Oddworld thanks for the welcome. as I said I've been reading up on Cp's for the last couple of months and still know nothing , but have only collected the plants from my local nursery in the last few weeks. All the plants are still in there original pots with the original medium which looks like peat, apart from the Drosera spatulata which I bought bare rooted and potted up in some thrive. The plants are getting as much sun as they can atm in my conservatory, and they are standing in a water tray. I'm spraying them once a day to help with the humidity, so in future I'll make sure the new pitchers are missed well. I will split the Aliciae when I know how and feel confident enough, but for now I'll just enjoy looking at it. I bought a 5 ltr bag of thrive and some dried sphagnum moss witch came in cubes. Water, I either use distilled or RO water. Hi Paul, from one newbie to another welcome. I'll have to have a read and find out about cutting the flower spike off, thanks for that. The plants were awake when I bought them not long ago, so I'll let them go dormant next winter, well the ones that need to go dormant anyway. Thanks for the heads up on the flower spike.
  8. Hello Steve, thanks for the reply mate, I'm looking forward to talking to you guys about this new found hobby of mine. I can't stop looking at them to make sure there alright . Atb, Steve.
  9. Thanks Keith, I'll be keeping my plants in my conservatory which is 7.5m x 7m so should have enough room for a while, but how long for I don't know. But I do know when I get into a new hobby I go all out for it, so shouldn't be to long before I'm needing a green house . I'll be sowing my Drosera seeds asap, once I can sort out how to resize pics I'll post them to show my progress, when ever that may be .
  10. Hi everyone, just a few lines to say hello. I've just got into this carnivorous plant bug within the last couple of months and have done nothing but read about them. But I thought it best to join your forum for the advise and help I will need to make my plants flourish. At the moment I have a few small plants such as, Sarracenia (maroon), Nepenthes alata, Dionaea muscipula, Drosera aliciae, and a baby Drosera spatulata which I managed to pot up and keep alive. I have also just bought a Drosera seed mix which I intend to sow (might need some help there). So if any of you guys would like to add your 2 pence worth to help me through this newbie stage I would be grateful. Speak soon Atb, Steve.
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