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  1. Thank you Pereira, I'm feeling an idiot for the fact that I haven't searched the older posts....
  2. Hi everybody, me with 3 mates of me are going to visit Sevilla and Granada for 5 days. For 3 days we will be looking for P. lusitanica and D. lusitanicum, but we don't know where to find them or we have just some vague ideaS. Can someone please tell us where are the most easy-finding and accesible place where to look for these plants? It will be of great help!!! Thank you to everybody Federico
  3. I'm very jelous of your collection Earl! COntinue this way!!! Federico
  4. Hi guys! I've just received some D. linearis seedlings and I was wondering if i can water them with non tap water. I'm saying that because I made a specific soil (malt) which consist of peat, perlite and calcium carbonate sand. Due to the last thing ph would be alcaline or neutro. So it came in mind that probably i won't need tap water for them. What do you think?
  5. Perfect plant, a collection to be proud of. And that's the most adult argentii i have ever seen! The villosa is amazing. The veitchii x trusmadiensis, what to say?, is beautiful, hope that guy will spread out through collections soon!
  6. I wonder if looking at them with attention, you would be able to find an imperfection, but i'm going to think it is impossible! Great pictures and plants Sean!
  7. Great plants Simon!! But i was already expecting such pics when I saw the post was yours and there was nepenthes on the title!
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