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  1. Wow cooooool pics.Are they made by focus stacking?
  2. Next to the word Trading is a oval button with a minus insight.This one you have to push.
  3. Don´t worry you are competent.No anita369 on this forum
  4. I agree 100000000000000.... %.Thank you for these words..
  5. I got this message several times too.
  6. Ian, it´s great too hear all the arguments for write all informations on the plant sticker and against doing that.But I think one point is very important.It´s the possibility of inbreeding other pollen too the plant as the pollen we want too. And another point for me is the not existing disadvantage of writing everything on the plant sticker. In the end and if we can not find any solution, a vote would not be the worst idea but I hope we get a few more people to write their meanings. Go for it . :-)
  7. Ok I have to concretize: But I think it's ok to say most of you, except Fred G and VChr, feel it's necessary to write something on the label if the plant is selfed. Hopefully we get any further comments and Ideas how to manage a system for the future. And hopefully we don't get again and again the same angel of view from the same persons. Alexander
  8. Thank you all for the great comments. There is still not 100 % consensus but I think it´s ok too say most of you feel it´s necessary to write something on the label if the plant is selfed. The absence of any rules does´t mean that everybody can and should do what ever he want. For me it seems to be absolutely necessary to find a consent in how to label our plants.The onliest way too avoiding a disaster. I absolutely agree with Ordovic: "In any case I believe that when it comes to plant labels the more information (provenance, origin, pedigree etc.) the better provided it is clear, concise and accurate. Are there any further meanings or hints? Alexander PS: For me there is a Stone County in Alabama.
  9. Dave, for me it's not the question if you can use the location data but I think if you do that you have to add selfed or x self or F2. Mike, great post thank you for that.
  10. Thanks Mike but what if I don't write x self. Is it ok too or wrong. What is your thought.
  11. Hello Fred It could be helpful if you want a identical plant which you have seen in a friends greenhouse for example.
  12. Thanks Ada There are a few person on the german forum which say: You can name the seedlings of a selfed S.alata Stone County Alabama again S.alata Stone County Alabama without any further additions. I think this is wrong. Alexander
  13. Hello all There is an interesting discussion on the german Forum because the correct naming of Sarracenia plants which are crossed with itself. How to name the seedlings of the following three plants after they are crossed with itself. Sarracenia Wilkerson red Sarracenia alata anthocyanin free Sarracenia alata Stone County Alabama The other question is, are there any rules written somewhere. My suggestion is Sarracenia Wilkerson red x self Sarracenia alata anthocyanin free x self Sarracenia alata Stone County Alabama x self or Sarracenia Wilkerson red x Sarracenia Wilkerson red Sarracenia alata anthocyanin free x Sarracenia alata anthocyanin free Sarracenia alata Stone County Alabama x Sarracenia alata Stone County Alabama or Sarracenia Wilkerson red F1 Sarracenia alata anthocyanin free F1 Sarracenia alata Stone County Alabama F1 Thanks for answering Alexander
  14. May you can tell us whom you have sold your collection? All the best to you. Alexander
  15. Great plant and great picture.Which camera do you use?
  16. This one from seeds also looking very promising although it's very young.
  17. Stephen, I always require to be as you are but only not that old.
  18. Here is mine I posted before: http://forum.carnivoren.org/index.php?/topic/37440-mein-bester-darlingtonia-topf-neue-bilder/?p=190428 Hope you like.
  19. 'Evendine' x flava var. flava "tall" is a very good plant for the compost.Sorry
  20. Hello mobile, it's not to compel others for relabeling their plants. It's to inform others that a so called giant has only pitchers of for example 7 cm.
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