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  1. Kyle


    I am doing a refrigerator dormancy this winter. I will purchase a greenhouse in the spring. I am installing a light into the refrigerator. What light intensity would be correct for my situation? I have a 250 watt CFL but perhaps that light intensity will pull them out of dormancy? Everyone's thoughts on this?
  2. Thank's for the warm welcome! It's been a while. Summer 2018 I had a very successful VFT grow along with an "Adrian Slack" I love growing carnivorous plants. Such a beautiful evolutionary tool they developed. Nature is fascinating. Unfortunately over the past few months, constant frrezing and thawing has killed my VFT's. I went to repot and the rhizome was brown, and soft with a terrible smell. Rhizome rot it seems. I recently purchased 3 plants of B52 VFT's and Drosera binata Giant from a Nursery in the UK. They arrived on thursday. Doing well enough under a 200 watt CFL. 14
  3. My name is Kyle and I am new here! I do a bit of fish keeping at the moment but looking to refocus onto the growing of carnivorous plant's. I have previously grown venus fly traps and that was the spark that got me interested in more. Well I hope to talk to other members here and gather information so I can begin.