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  1. Julio Collado

    Red spots on Campanulata leaves

    Theyre at about 20cm from the lightbulbs and the temperatures dont exceed 30C, so they're not getting too hot. And since these are lowlanders, even if it got to 35C it still shouldnt be a problem. I may try putting them under the Ventrata leaves so they get a little bit less direct light and see how it goes
  2. Julio Collado

    Red spots on Campanulata leaves

    Looks fantastic! I may try a different soil if I manage to keep them alive for at least another year...if they make it. But then again, no one solved my doubt about those weird red spots and I'm not sure if they'll survive, im really worried. How much light do you give yours? Do you think it may be a problem of excessive lighting as Argo88 said? Or more related to the low temperatures at night as I suspect?
  3. Julio Collado

    Red spots on Campanulata leaves

    I wouldn't know, they're growing in the same condition as all my indoors plants, some of which are Nepenthes Ventrata, Nepenthes Maxima, Drosera Capensis, Cephalotus...and they dont seem to worry about having such a thing as 'too much light'. Right now theyre under 3 led bulbs of 6000K, providing a total of ~7k lumens. I thought they did fine in sphagnum with perlite too...?
  4. Julio Collado

    Red spots on Campanulata leaves

    I recently acquired a couple of Nepenthes Campanulata from AW, but they seem to be suffering. Leaves are developing lots of red spots and are kinda yellowing, I believe its due to too low night temperatures (~15C). The rest of the day they're at about 30C. Can these conditions kill my plants or it will just make them grow slower until they get kinda 'used' to the conditions? The growth point seems to be fine(?) On an unrelated note, I have a small phalaenopsis that seems to be suffering the same as these plants, while I have another big one that is doing fine (and its exposed to colder temperatures than both campanulatas and the small phal) Theres not much I can do currently but wait for warmer temperatures to come, I may be able to get a heating pad, but that'll have to wait a couple weeks and Im not sure they'll survive until then. Is there any -cheap and easy- way to make these plants dont suffer?