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  1. So my Alata nepenthes has been working on some seeds for a while now and I was thinking I might eventually take some seeds for my own and grow some more to carry on the generation. How would I go about “harvesting/collecting” the seeds and when? (Pic attached for reference)
  2. Sorry for the long time to reply. I can’t say what species my nephenthes is honestly. I got it from pikes and the only information that was given was “nepenthes.” The temp has been well above the 50s both day and night. It is now getting about 6-8 hours of direct sun a day and it’s only been about for 2 days now. The leaves are just worrying me because they aren’t looking very green like a tropical plant as they have always seemed in the past.
  3. I have a very large nephenthes that I have been taking care of since last year. To survive the cold winter I took it inside to a sunroom. Since it has started warming up I went ahead and put it outside and to my joy it has begun to blossom! One thing that worries me though is I realized a good handful of the leaves are getting ever so slightly brown and frail. It’s not on all of them but definitely on parts farthest away from the base. I only gave my nephenthes a few meal worms over the winter out of both testing and because I felt it needed something to eat. Do you think it’s turning brown because of the lack of bugs I have fed it or because of the sudden introduction to unfiltered sunlight? Thanks for reading. Any solace/instruction appreciated.