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  1. I'm sorry to hear you are still waiting on an order from them, carambola. The guy is totally shameless. It may be the case that paypal looks more into the big orders, but could be worth a shot, depending on the particulars of your order. And you are so right, the real victims here are the plants. It's so dumb that they had to go sit in a box to die.
  2. Interestingly, I've now won a complaint against via PayPal and received a full refund. I recommend anyone whom tries to screw over to file a claim through PayPal because they don't tolerate illegal business practices.
  3. I wish I knew how bad carnivoria was before ordering from them. I placed a large order, over 500€, with them and specified weeks in advance that it was important for the plants to be delivered by a specific date. I waited around and finally found out that they hadn't even sent the plants until the date I had asked for the plants to be delivered. I complained and the guy said he'd give me a refund if I waited for the plants to arrive and then sent the plants back. So I waited and waited, nothing ever arrived and eventually I asked for my refund. The guy went off on me and says that it's my fault for not picking up the plants, but nothing had ever been sent to me regarding their whereabouts. This is absolutely awful business practice, blaming other people for their own incompetence. From reading many complaints about carnivoria, I am assuming they didn't fill out the phytosanitary paperwork correctly and that the plants just sat around in customs before getting sent back dead. I would not recommend ordering from carnivoria, they are horrible to deal with in cases where something goes wrong. (which seems to be often)