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  1. Hi Does any one have any spare tuberous orchids for sale. Thanks Keith
  2. Well done for doing this expiment, never thought of that so when I use coir again will check this with a tds. Thanks Keith
  3. Hi Nice job by the way. What is the front panel when closed plastic glass or completely covered. Thanks Keith
  4. Thanks for updating us was hopping to go to the EEE this year, chances are it,s going to be cancelled.
  5. Hello Folks Been looking on the C.P.S Web site about the open days are not up displayed yet. I know that events like these are difficult to plan due to the current situation. But wondered if we could have a update, so days off can be planed I sometimes have to work on the week end. Thanks Keith
  6. Hi Out of interest what was the name of the light you purchased from Amazon. Thanks Keith
  7. Will look into these have been toying with the idear of growing under lights for a while or to get seedling moving. Keith