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  1. O yeah I will order all plants from MK today! I hope he is prepared to pack on the weekend. De facto the future will bring isolation of the UK (in the sense of plants exchange) and we will lose "conservation capacity". I am also worried about the future of my UK colleagues working here in with me in Austria (but this is not the subject of this forum) BT
  2. Wow that is bad news. De facto no plants transfer from UK to EU will cut the plants exchange. One way trading will not sustain "good relations".
  3. Dear all, at first I would like to wish you a happy new year an a good growers luck to you all!! Now to my doubt: I searched in this Forum and I tried to find some Information, but I haven’t been successful: Dose anyone of this forum has any idea how we will swap or trade plants with the UK after the Brexit? My Interpretation of the situation is: UK will be not a part of the EU anymore. It is like US, Australia,.. Consequently: a lot of plants we cannot exchange anymore, if we exchange plants (CITES regulations) a lot of expensive paperwork will be the consequence. Will there be a full isolation of the UK??? That would be a very bad situation in terms of plants conservation. BT
  4. I never have seen such a massive sooty mold in my life before. Applying chemicals is the absolute wrong way! You will endanger yourself only and you will not get rid off from this this staff! Sorry, I cannot understand why you cannot get more venting / fresh air? Place them in the garden, windowsill,... wihtout any additional covering??? BT
  5. It is some biofilm causing no harm! It disappears after some time. BT
  6. Please post some pictures. It sounds after fungi, which is present at all carnivores producing some sugar. If this is the case, ignore it. It is found in nature too and doesn’t make any harm to the plants. BT
  7. OOPS, that looks absolutely sad! It could be: *) rot problem: too wet means the roots do not get oxygen. Alternate the water Level and do not let the plant in the same high level *) plants got too dry: then they could look like in the photos above *) fungus: pray to god that this is not the case! It doesn't look to me that this could be one. Fungi makes the leaves dry in a green status. The whole leave dries out within two days you have definitively some pest at these plants: trips or mites. You will need a microscope to find them. This type of pest cause secondary fungi infection (where they suck), in case you can figure out what it is, you can apply an appropriate pest chemical Minors can be very picky (depending on the clone you have). They even do not like too hot roots. I lost some minors in my life already, that’s why I always have a number of five pots from each clone. BT
  8. This is never ever any damage caused by fertilzed peat. It s a typical aphid damage. It can be that you cant see them, but they are there. This year is an aphid year again. I also have to fight them. Spray some pest fighter´e-g.: careo Change the peat, fertilizers in an uncontrolled way may be harmful. Smal ammounts of fertilizers supports the plants. BT
  9. Wrong side of the planet!
  10. And now blooming season high noon! Some flavas: My flava "Goldie" and in the evening the sulfur yellow is incredible! now the leucos also start: My first leuco this year (Helmuths Delight) I love this porcelain like appearance! Leuco Clone A from Thomas Carrow Some rubricorporas from Thomas Carrow Stay tunded!
  11. Wow nice price for a cutting. What type of sarracenia is it? Must be a rare one?
  12. Thank you for the pic and the Information. I am pretty sure that your plant has sunburn. If I am right, this is an alata hybrid (I would be more sure if I could see a picture from a pitcher). If this is the case, the 50 °F overnight should be tolerated. My alata has no problem to manage this temperatures. Shadow your plant and extend the direct sunlight duration day by day. You could use some greenish transparent foliage from the gardening store. This will also stabilize the temperatures a bit. As an examle:
  13. It would be supportive, if you could post some photos. :) What species of Nepenthes is it? What temperatures do you have now (day and night)?
  14. Don't forget one special issue: In case you are caught with plants you will be registered. Every time you have to pass some border they will check you carefully! I never would take such a risk.
  15. Baeutytube

    Cut back?

    Some experience from growers in the US Show, that leucos should be cut back generous. Otherwise you run into danger that they will not produce plenty of tubes. An own experiment is planned this year. I cut all my Sarracenias which are growing too much back to the rhizomes, they are not damaged by this procedure. Peter.