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  1. They are named correctly.I did the same in IMGUR. You can check there too .. Thank you ! Imgur(Album) link:
  2. Over time I was selecting photo of cultivars from different places, now I will share. The source and credits of the images are in Facebook Album or Imgur: Same Album on Facebook: Same Album on Imgur: A2 Adentate Alien All Red Angel Wings Australian Red Rosette Axe B52 B52 Jr Bad Luck Barracão Pendúculo 1 BCP Clone Z02 BCP Kim Jong-il BCP Phoenix BCP Red Bull BCP Bear Trap Beasty Boy Belzebub Big Jaws Big Mouth Big Teeth Red Giant Bimbo Biohazard Black Pearl Blanche hermine Bleeding Gums Bohemia Garnet Bohemia Garnet x Red Piranha Bristle Tooth Cerbère Charlie Mandon Spotted Cheerleader Chicot Conchiglie Coq Couché Coquillage Crocodile Cross Teeth China Cross Teeth Cudo Cupped trap DC XL Dentate Dente Diable Rouge Double Trouble Dr No Trap Dracula Dracula x B52 Dutch ERROR Fangzhane Fiji Iguana Fine Teeth Fine Tooth x Red Fondue Freaky Star FTS Archangel FTS Bear FTS Big Behemoth FTS Etna FTS Maroon Monster Fused Fusedtooth Fuzzy G3xG14 G14xG19 G16 Gigantea Ginormous GJ Bloody Nurse GJ Dr. Mabusa GJ Fantasia GJ Kolibri GJ Umgekrempelt II GJ White Tiger Gold Strike Green and White Green Dog Green Sawtooth Green Shark Green Wizard Muscipula Gremlin H3 Giant Harmoni Hellcat Heterodoxa Holland Red Hulk Jaws Smiley Kayan Kim Il-Sung Kim Jong-un Kinchyaku King Henry's Kinky Wave Korean Melody Shark Korrigas Kurze Zahne La Grosse a Guigui Long Red Fingers Louchapates Low Giant Marston Giant Master of Disaster Microdent Microdent Érected Mirror Miss pimbêche Monkey Ass Nid de lezard vert Pacman Paradisia Patches Phalanx Pink Venus Pluto Polished Dracula Rabbit Teeth Red Cup Trap Red Dentate Red Dragon Red Fused Petiole Red Line Red Microteeth Red Piranha Red Pluto Red Shark Red Shark Teeth Reptile RMT Giant Roaring Flame Royal Red Sawtooth Sawtooth x Piranha Scarlatine Scarlet Bristle Schuppenstiel SD Draco SD Phoenix SD Titan Seed Grow Sharkstooth Soutwest Giant Spider Spotted Hyena Star Sunrise Super Nova Tiger Fang Tiger Teeth Tipica Titan Trichterfalle Triton UK Sawtooth 2 Vine Mouth Wacky Traps Waves WB9 Werewolf Werewolf Spawn Whale Wiky Purple Trap X03 Yellow Yellow Fused Z9