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  1. Thanks!! I actually noticed sprouts growing from a leave that had fell on the soil so I have hope Do you think if I increase the humidity I should be worried about the fungus?
  2. Hi!! I'm new to the forum but I found it and I think you could help me I recently got a as a gift a Drosera that came in vitro, it was good the first days but I started noticing mould growing close to the roots. This had happened before with an orchid and that time I took it from the medium, sprayed it with fungicide and got it into a pot and is still alive and doing well (this was 2 years ago). So I did the same with this drosera and it had more mould close to the roots than I had seen. I put it in a pot with just peat moss and watered it with distilled water (I had a dionaea muscipula before so I had some idea about how to take care of it) and put it in some kind of terrarium to preserve humidity and let it in my window with direct sunlight. It did well the first days but it got much sun one of the days and some of the leaves burned, I took it inside and haven't been letting it in direct sunlight, it recovered a little but I noticed mould growing on the stalk of one of the leaves so I took it out of the terrarium, put it under a led lamp and let it air dry to kill it. I need help cause some of the leaves are drying out and I don't know what to do anymore, it's the first Drosera I have ever had. In the jar it said it was a Drosera Japonica but I searched for it and I think the analogue name is Drosera Spatulata. Please forgive me if I made any mistake writing this, English is not my native language, also if you want to correct my typing mistakes I appreciate it. I put some pictures so you could see my poor plant, I took them using a magnifying glass, I have some hope cause I see some sprouts coming from the earth, also I've been watering it by reverse osmosis. Thanks http://imgur.com/a/Ibscr Here's the link for the pictures, the forum wouldn't let me post them directly, it looks more alive in person, I swear
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