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  1. a few of my sarras have done that as well, i moved them to the highest light spot i could find and that seemed to clear it up, i wish you the best
  2. actually its snowing right now so I cant get a view of the peak but here is one off the internet
  3. Mine is getting alot larger than when I got it, my fav. Nep, dont tell the others though, it is now starting a vine, for the summer it was in a very hot greenhouse, but it did get cool humid nights, it could get to 95 Farenheight (sp?) But got around 40 and humid at night, so I think thats basically the only thing that kept it going, now its in a very cool terrarium, arounf 50 F at da maybe 60 tops, then 35 to 40 F night
  4. -1 = S. Moorei 'Brooks Hybrid' -2 = S. flava rugelii x leuco "Schnells Ghost"??? -3 = S. 'Readii' (leuco x rubra) -4 = S. leucophylla probably from somewhere in AL -5 = s. X 'Moorei' (flava maxima x leuco ???) Just my guesses
  5. Colorado Springs, Colorado 47" inches of snow per year
  6. Thats all that really matters, I wouldn't say mine is great looking but it gets the job done
  7. sadly you're probably right, shouldn't be very long at all, even if they are in good conditions the kids might trample them also, I am awaiting a darlingtonia for my pond setup at my house it is going to go into the waterfall, I just hope my dogs dont get them
  8. i had 14 last time I checked, for some reason my AL003 S. Alabamensis has 3 growth points, but is yet to flower ???
  9. simply amazing! I will be recieving a large flowering H. Nutans this week, Im very exited This is the first large heli I have had so far, Anyway Im assuming since it is larger it will be more prone to stuff. I love your N. Aristo, and your D. Proliferas