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  1. Hi Nigel, I would really like to read this article, but can't find it. When you write "CPS", so you mean the UK CPS, or ICPS ? And need I be member of it to reach articles ? Sorry for this (maybe obvious) questions, but I'm new by here, and not really on point about those societies.
  2. Thanks you so much debbertiana for this very headshop answer ! Its what u understood about this specy, but i prefered get confimation by someone who already grown it. Thanks again
  3. Hi everybody ! I am just getting ready to "sow" a batch of seeds for cold stratification (sarras, dionaeas, darlings). And i have some D. Gigantea seeds. But i'm not sure about how to sow them. Im not really sure about stratification for gigantea. Can someone clear my view about it ? Thanks Benjam
  4. Hi everyone, Just a post to say hello, from Toulouse. South west of france. A new arrival here. I had grown few CP long time ago in a tropical area. I re-start it a decade or two after stoping it for several reasons under another climate. I will probably need a lot lot of advices. "Au plaisir de vous lire prochainement" Benjamin
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