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  1. I have a bloody Mary ,some of the lower leaves are reddish ,not sure if they were when i got it about 2 months ago , but it has put out 2 new pitchers so i guess its happy ,i also have a suki with reddish leaves but the other 8 various neps are all green ,they live in a terrarium with fluro tube on for 5 hours morn 5 hours evening and an led 4 hours mid day.

  2. Hi my first nep was a ventrata, took a little time for me and it To get on but now it's growing like a good one , about 5ft now growing a new leaf about every three weeks , mine loves a lot of rain water and good light , i have 10 neps now .

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  3. 12 hours ago, AlliRH said:

    I just got a bloody mary pitcher plant and i am new to carnivorous plant keeping, so have any tips? Also, it did not have any liquid in the pitchers so i gave them a tiny bit of water. Would that help?

    Hi AlliRH I have also just got a bloody Mary stunning looking plant will let you know if I learn anything new .I also topped up pitchers with rainwater ,also popped in a couple of caterpillars I found in the garden for a tasty treat, I have mine in a terrarium with night temp of 13-15 ,and day temp of 24-25 with humidity 65+ ,l was thinking of putting outside but not sure best time of year to do it.


  4. Hi Steve like you I'm am new to this , I have read that you should cut the flower spike off your Venus fly trap cos it saps energy from plant , if you do cut it off cut it into 2inch pieces and place on moist peat perlite mix and in a couple of months baby fly traps, also they need to sleep over winter or they will eventually die and yours looks wide awake ,mine are all still in the land of nod(or they have all died) ,Just an observation.


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