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  4. From my limited experience the species that seem to better tolerate flooded conditions are S.purpurea and S.psittacina, I imagine their hybrids would inherit some increased tolerance as well. The bog is certainly shallow, in my climate (semi dry mediterranean) what I would do with that pot and Sarracenia is fill it up with Sphagnum, preferably one that sprouts back (semi-dehydrated or live), it will keep the roots oxygenated, and when you fill it with water the Sphagnum will transpire the excess water relatively fast but remain moist a long time, in my climate all Sarracenia in pure Sphagnum seem very very happy, although I've read negative opinions in some forums and my evidence is only anecdotal, so please do some more research about it if you are unsure. Regards.
  5. Thanks, that's what I did and it doesn't seem to have advanced since, so I hope they are safe now.
  6. I think I found the problem, but it is probably too late now to do anything, still I will try and rescue them! Yesterday I found out that my RO unit was dead, or at least malfunctioning, so it seems that by not checking up on the water regularly I've been watering basically all of my plants with 300ppm water, and I don't know for how long, possibly months, I called the technician and he got the machine to repair, I flushed all the pots with distilled, but I fear the damage is done and there is only waiting for their eventual death, could I repot them, or flush them more to recover some? Or is it more efficient to throw everyting in the trash and start over again? I don't have many plants but 300ppm is a lot of calcium carbonate... My bog could be alkaline by now. My other plants seem to be fine but I fear it will eventually catch up on them.
  7. Hello friends I have been noticing a few problems in my minibog, which contains a Sarracenia, several Drosera and a Dionaea, the Drosera are fine and flowering, but the Sarracenia seems to be having trouble pitchering, it sent two rather short-lived pitchers, which dried up from the top, then the third one is kind of discolored (this scared me a bit), the rhizome seems healthy to my untrained eye at least so I hope it's not rot. The Dionaea is also doing weird things, it exploded into 3 or 4 plantlets just after not flowering (i cut it), and got 2 normal traps, but the new ones are taking ages to mature and some have burned before opening, the leaves are perky and the rhizome is again healthy, white-pinkish. So the question, are my plants horribly dying or are they fine and they just need time to adapt? Conditions: Soil: peat/perlite 50:50, some Sphagnum moss on top and some mixed in the media Light: it gets direct sun from 8am to 14 pm, I live in Spain so it's quite strong. Maybe it burnt the pitchers in combination with some hot wind. Water: RO, last month I was far from home so I topped the bog with water, when I returned i unplugged the drainage hole near the bottom and flushed it with some more RO water ¿Could this stagnation be the issue? I'm trying to keep it a bit more dry now Photos of the plants (I can't attach them, files too big): Dionaea: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gQqbaOdZuDUROc5CbEqrNp6tlZdFGr9H/view?usp=sharing Sarracenia: growth point https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sWsxExvkn-Wq54tfkKO67IdpGWzY_9Yo/view?usp=sharing general view, notice how the newest pitcher has some discoloration, even though it's not deformed or anything like that https://drive.google.com/file/d/12642LprEtKsUFNlHqX5Z7oH-_vQsd0JX/view?usp=sharing Thanks for your opinions on my plants, hoping they are fine, best regards.
  8. Great, I'll take your advice and wait :)!
  9. Ok, now it's 75%, I plan on acclimating it to the windowsill, it was in a garden center, it's a Carniflora plant, I know they have problems exporting mixes so they use peat, but I don't know how much Nepenthes last in pure peat... It's 20cm. across from the tip of one leaf to the opposite, its biggest pitcher 7cm.
  10. Yesterday I got a baby N. x ventrata, all nice and healthy looking, but the soil is pure peat, black, little bit gunky and with some algae on the top, so you can see it has been watered quite a bit, my question is; should I wait for acclimation to repot or do I do it right away? I don't wanna lose it to root rot, I also don't want to lose it to shock though. Right now it's in a transparent mini greenhouse where I keep humidity at 90%, indirect bright light, temperature around 20ºC, and I have peat, perlite, and Sphagnum for repotting it. Thanks for the answers.
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