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  1. HackAndSlash

    Medium for Nepenthes cuttings

    Gosh that is quite a bit. Shall have to think of other uses for it. Can you smoke it On a more serious note, my nepenthes cuttings that stubbornly refuse to root, if I get some sphagnum should I re-cut the ends to get back to clean tissue or do you think that given they are still alive, the ends must be at least letting water into the cuttings so they will probably sprout roots also? How far do you bury then in the sphagnum moss?
  2. HackAndSlash

    Medium for Nepenthes cuttings

    Thanks manders and Karsty for the info. Sounds like it's pretty easy to keep. manders what do you suggest for adult Nepenthes then? I probably need to pot up my N. Alata, which the cuttings came from, at some point. It's still in the same pot it was bought in from some nursery many years ago. The N.Linda cutting I bought from a guy on ebay probably also wants repotting at some point as its in sphagnum moss from where it was initially rooted. Might leave that for a bit as its just set its first pitcher. Sorry for all the questions, Nepenthes are relatively new to me and so I'm feeling my way a bit. I always used to think they were the preserve of people with hot houses so avoided them till I was given my N. Alata which seems to love my bedroom windowsill, a feeling not shared by my wife I sort of understand where she is coming from as it does go through patches of just rambling, putting on a metre or more of growth with no traps, hence why I thought I should cut it back and try and root the trimmings. Sarracenias, sundrews and venus flytraps I've had since the early 90's so I'm much happier when dealing with them. That said, I do have a bit of a problem with the flytraps at the moment, I seem to have ended up with 100+ plants since I repotted them earlier in the year and split off all the self-sets from the main rhizome. Just got to figure out what to do with them all.
  3. HackAndSlash

    Medium for Nepenthes cuttings

    In fairness to them they did say they did not stock it at this time of year, so maybe in spring when people buy it to line hanging baskets. I noticed that seller lists it by weight, 2kgs being the smallest. As I've never used it, apart from a couple of plants I bought which came potted in the stuff, how far will 2kgs go? Sounds like quite a lot for maybe 3 or 4 smallish pots to try and get those Nepenthes cuttings to strike in. Is it easy to keep if I don't use it all? Will it survive in a greenhouse over winter (unheated)? I've read it likes humidity so I could put it in a fairly large propagator. Does it just grow or would I need to lay it on say a bed of peat? Any advice for keeping/using it most welcome.
  4. HackAndSlash

    Medium for Nepenthes cuttings

    Cheers Karsty, might get some as local garden centre did not stock it.
  5. HackAndSlash

    Medium for Nepenthes cuttings

    I know this topic is quite old now but I have been trying to propagate some stem cuttings from my N. Alata since June. I tried the water method as I saw a video of it on YouTube which the guy said gave good success rates. I also don't have any sphagnum moss. However the cuttings just don't seem to want to sprout roots. The bud nodes on two of the cuttings have started to develop small leaves and are now 1cm long, so they are alive and growing, but just not growing roots. The other two are also growing nice green leaves from the cutting tip, but again no roots. I change the water occasionally, swilling off the algae like growth. Any suggestions? Any good alternatives to sphagnum moss for rooting cuttings? Does pure perlite work? Not really sure what the rooting medium needs: open, well drained, ...? Up till now they have been in my greenhouse in a propagator so have had plenty of light and heat. I'm going to bring them inside soon as the night temperatures are dropping. Thanks