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  1. Yes I’ve checked everything. I spent literally hours to find the shop again... cant explain myself what happened really. And hey Nigel! I’ve been visiting your shop before. It’s just unclear for me what size the plants are you’re selling as there are no further details about it. When i found the shop with the mature devisions I kinda know what I’m expecting. are your sarracenias flowering size? Pot size? regards, pascal
  2. Hey guy, I'm just organising my bog garden and so I was recently searching for suppliers online. I found a really good shop and now I can't find it anymore I am quite sure it was a French or British online shop and they sold not only potted plants but also sarracenia devisions from adult plants(plus six years old). They had quite a big stock and it was a modern looking web site Can someone help me ? Does someone know the shop I talk about? Sorry for my English I'm not a native speaker Thanks for your help Regards, Pascal
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