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  1. Yellow sulphur is available at most garden centres. With the shorter daylight hours and decreased light indoors you will find you will get more of the mould growth with growing indoors, i have this problem as i grow some of mine indoor at present. Do you have anywhere you can put them outdoors say in an unheated porch as the darlingtonia definitely needs a dormancy period and the draught from being outside should help keep the mould at bay.
  2. Are they outside but covered just to keep the rain off them? I have used yellow sulphur powder in the past but with only a 50/50 success rate along with giving them more air flow. Other one I have used, again along with improving air flow around the plants was fungus clear ultra. The second one was used only once on a sarracenia and did help but they are tough plants
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    Hello and welcome to the forum
  4. pirks

    Hi all!

    Hello and welcome to the forum
  5. Could you not just move the pots somewhere more sheltered or if they are in the ground then Personally i would use a cane and tie them to that until the roots are strong enough to support the plant but you may also have to trim the pitchers down a little to help the plant from being uprooted by the usual winter winds. Canes first and if they are still being battered by the winds then you may have to trim the pitchers.
  6. Can you not flush it through/rinse with safe water? 3 different buckets filled with rain/reverse osmosis/distilled water and check the tds of the water whilst the sphagnum moss is in there until you get a low reading?
  7. We've all had problems with the growing of these plants at one time or another. That's how humans work by learning from their mistakes. We are then told how to do it properly via research and asking questions. Good luck with your bog garden
  8. It is simple, they will do it naturally as the daytime shortens, usually November/December time for me also (grown indoors on a windowsill) Have fun catching them as they jump once disturbed. People use allsorts but i find a wet cotton bud works quite well when collecting them just gather them from the outside in.
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    Hi from Wort!

    Hello and welcome. I also grow a lot of my plants indoors at present until we get the garden done enough for me to get a greenhouse. I do have bettys bay outside which hasn't done too well this year with no flowers produced at all, lots of leaves but no flowers. Even the one indoors has produced nothing yet for that matter. But there's a month or so before they go into the porch for hibernation (not all go there.)
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum Seb
  11. Would it be possible to get all new members to introduce themselves first before they are allowed to post on other parts of the forum. I don't know how realistic this would be as I'm not great with all this techno wizardry stuff, i just thought it may help stop some of the strange comments by new members on some of the threads.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum
  13. Hello and welcome. Yes it can certainly get that way over time when you decide the plants would be better in a greenhouse then you buy loads more as the greenhouse looks bare with so few plants. Then oops you've too many plants and need a bigger greenhouse. Only joking.
  14. Use a TDS meter before you store it just to check the water is ok before use though
  15. Oh [email protected]@t that’s what i get from looking at the forum on my phone. should have been thanks Bog boy, I apologise for the confusion Guy
  16. I cut the top off my broad leaf capensis as it had got very leggy and within 4 weeks new growth had appeared from both the stem just above the soil level and underneath soil level. They can die back to below ground level in wintertime if it becomes cold enough
  17. Hi Guy Thanks very much for the great photos and write up. It's helped me out massively.
  18. I use the water from our two dehumidifiers which are on 24 hours a day (obviously they only run when the humidity gets above a set limit as we live in a bungalow.) I use it occasionally when we haven't had rain for a while and my stock of rain water is running out. I check the toss every time I do this and it has always been 20ppm
  19. Do you have anymore pictures of how you attached all the pipework and could you describe how you fitted it as i have a Belfast sink at my front door waiting for a bog garden to be built in it. Thanks
  20. Hello and welcome John You picked a good book and to find one in a charity shop is very lucky, i always look for them when im in there but haven't found one yet in many years of searching. It is a good idea trying to keep a small collection alive, much easier to manage and get to know what each plant species prefers before going mad and amassing a huge collection.
  21. Hello and welcome, you have amassed quite a collection for a 21 year old. Hope you enjoy the forum