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  1. Hello and welcome John You picked a good book and to find one in a charity shop is very lucky, i always look for them when im in there but haven't found one yet in many years of searching. It is a good idea trying to keep a small collection alive, much easier to manage and get to know what each plant species prefers before going mad and amassing a huge collection.
  2. Hello and welcome, you have amassed quite a collection for a 21 year old. Hope you enjoy the forum
  3. Hello and welcome
  4. Well God only knows what i typed in to find the post as ive retyped in everything i can think of but come up with nothing, maybe evergreen and Westland were mentioned in the same post is all I can think of and i have mistakenly got them mixed up. Anyhow my bales of evergreen have arrived so thanks for the link Alexis
  5. Thanks Alexis you have no idea how much money you've saved me. Researching for the best peat on here without actually asking the question brings up a minefield. I have read up on many posts with regard to Westland peat and i will not be risking any of my carnivorous plants with their products. We did purchase some of their multi purpose compost two years ago for the garden planters and i decided on opening the bag i shall never use Westland compost again as it was full of what i can only describe as non decompostable organic matter.
  6. I can't find the post where im sure it mentioned evergreen had nutrients in. I will keep looking and let you know when i find it. Thanks for everyone's help.
  7. Superb thanks very much, ordering 2 bales
  8. I thought the Evergreen peat had added nutrients in it? I am sure i read somewhere on this forum that it had.
  9. I've got to the stage that i now need to purchase 100 litre bales of peat rather than 5 litre bags of the stuff of which i have been buying for many years, i have searched for days/weeks and cannot buy any bales anywhere locally (Preston, Lancashire) so have to purchase online (Ebay.) The Clover and Bord na Mona sites state there is a seller locally but when visiting the garden centre stated I am told sorry but we do not stock that particular item but do have other Clover/Bord na Mona products available. So which does everyone recommend Clover sphagnum moss (item number 224238054350)
  10. Hello and welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum and there's always plants/seed/gemmae for sale on this forum.
  11. Can you place them somewhere similar to the temperature outside the house as in unheated porch (this is where i have overwintered mine for the past 5-6 years with no problems.) or outside if not. Your purpurea looks similar to mine, they keep their pitchers longer than most sarracenias so these may be the oldest ones dying off. they do need a dormancy period to rest.
  12. If you are in the UK they may be going into a type of dormancy, put a bag over them to try and raise the humidity a little and i have also lost a huge cephalotus in the past due to incorrect watering and too much direct sunlight (south facing windowsill) so i take extra care with watering now (wait a couple of days after the tray has dried before watering again.) Although temperature and light intensity can change this.
  13. I'm sure you will enjoy the plant just as much as i Aldad