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  1. I've stumbled on a very easy way of catching flies/wasps to feed to your plants. It's called 'the executioner' and its basically an electrified tennis racket, it takes a bit of getting used to but it works very well. Watch out for the first time you hit one of the little blighters as it gives off a hell of a bang when the fly hits it. And I mean a heck of a bang. You can get them off Amazon, I'm having fun with a wasp nest at present and I'm winning
  2. pirks

    foliar fertilizer for Darlingtonia seedlings

    We don't have availability to get hold of maxsea here in the UK. Has anybody done a side by side comparison?
  3. pirks

    'Crippled' Dionea

    Was there that much moss in the pot when you purchased the plant? Can you move some of the moss away from the growth point and see how it looks. The moss could be making the crown of the plant rot by keeping it permanently wet. Mine started to rot as the moss was doing the above so the crown/growth point of the plant was becoming lower than the soil level basically. I removed all the moss and rotting tissue then the plant slowly over the space of a month started to show New healthy leaves.
  4. Just been searching and came across this
  5. I'm unsure if fish excrement is full of nitrates but i'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along soon to give a definite yeah or nay
  6. pirks

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    Is your sphagnum moss the dried stuff or living sphagnum moss?
  7. pirks

    watering orchids

    Stick them under running water from the tap (46 tds) until the roots turn green again, let them drain then place back on a west facing window. Feed every 2 or 3 weeks
  8. pirks

    Dead Darlingtonia

    The sarracenia in the top right of the picture doesn't look to good either with the tips of the pitchers very brown. I keep my cobra lily on a south facing windowsill in the house potted in pure sphagnum moss but do move it when the temp is forecast to rise above 25 Celsius and not had any problems yet (touches wood)
  9. pirks

    VFT weirdness!

    Just stand on the damn ants (have a lot of trouble with the buggers getting in the house here.) They are tough little things, Fed one to my sundew and the leaf developed a black section in the middle of the leaf a couple of days later. The sundew was a healthy specimen and there was nothing on the leaf before being fed the ant. Could be a coincidence but there was no mark on the leaf before and wasn't an old leaf either. The ant got away from the plant but not me.
  10. pirks

    Mobile Dionaea bench

    Good idea and looks well built. A portable greenhouse Just to mention with regard to Westland, their cactus compost is also of poor quality. More junk mix now (very politely put) but years ago cactus compost used to be a soil based compost with lots of added grit and of a good quality. Now it's more recycled peat with added rubbish thrown in. Will never buy any Westland products ever again. Hope you didn't lose too many plants due to westlands lies of being a peat compost.
  11. We've got 42 tds straight from the tap but don't trust it so bought a distiller as we're on a water meter, of which that comes out at 0. I was going to buy another tds meter as i can't believe we get a tds reading that low here in Lancashire but from the 2 posts above maybe it is right.
  12. Very impressive
  13. pirks

    Pygmy sundew ID

    Hey it's not as bad as me thinking it was a drosera callistos but I did say think it was but never seen it flower.
  14. pirks

    Greetings friends!

    Hello and Welcome
  15. pirks

    Pygmy sundew ID

    Drosera callistos I think, never seen them in flower yet though