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  1. No I got them through ebay sent from the USA
  2. That's what is recommended on the US carnivorous site. I purchased some a couple of months ago and am now waiting for the time to use them and watch the gnats drop like flies
  3. You can buy ready mixed compost online from www.littleshopofhorrors.co.uk or www.hccarnivorousplants.co.uk
  4. Remember the plants will need some form of air flow to help prevents botritis
  5. It looks like starmoss, just keep watering your plant and it'll thrive. Does tend to compete with seedlings though
  6. What did you find out to get rid of them?
  7. Nice healthy looking plant. Are they grown completely in sphagnum moss or is that just a top dressing?
  8. Ants love feeding from the sugary fluid greenflies produce so have a close look for them. As has been said it may be worthwhile giving it a spray with bug clear
  9. And they are still growing strong or they are now spring has arrived as i put them in an unheated porch over Autumn and Winter. Obviously i potted them into compost when they were big enough last year, they have been back in the house only 2 weeks and are growing fast. I even cut one back as it was getting too leggy and just stuck the stem into the compost around 4 weeks ago after i had pulled all the dead leaves off and it hasn't slowed it down from growing.
  10. I have had a couple of the tips of the ionatha go Brown from where it has been too hot for them and the sun has caught them whilst I have been at work and forgotten to move them before I set off. Try moving them to a different location and see if that helps. Have you just misted them before the pic was taken? Some of the tillys can put up with more direct sun than the others
  11. Is your sphagnum moss the dried stuff or living sphagnum moss?
  12. pirks

    watering orchids

    Stick them under running water from the tap (46 tds) until the roots turn green again, let them drain then place back on a west facing window. Feed every 2 or 3 weeks
  13. pirks

    Dead Darlingtonia

    The sarracenia in the top right of the picture doesn't look to good either with the tips of the pitchers very brown. I keep my cobra lily on a south facing windowsill in the house potted in pure sphagnum moss but do move it when the temp is forecast to rise above 25 Celsius and not had any problems yet (touches wood)