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  1. I certainly have a wish list but the first on it is a greenhouse
  2. pirks


    Welcome back to the fold. Could I ask? Did you keep up with your original hobby or have you come back to it after a few years away?
  3. Hello and welcome to a time consuming and expensive hobby, well it is for me
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum
  5. pirks


    Hello and welcome, just out of interest how did your son find out about carnivorous plants?
  6. Yellow sulphur is available at most garden centres. With the shorter daylight hours and decreased light indoors you will find you will get more of the mould growth with growing indoors, i have this problem as i grow some of mine indoor at present. Do you have anywhere you can put them outdoors say in an unheated porch as the darlingtonia definitely needs a dormancy period and the draught from being outside should help keep the mould at bay.
  7. Are they outside but covered just to keep the rain off them? I have used yellow sulphur powder in the past but with only a 50/50 success rate along with giving them more air flow. Other one I have used, again along with improving air flow around the plants was fungus clear ultra. The second one was used only once on a sarracenia and did help but they are tough plants
  8. pirks


    Hello and welcome to the forum
  9. pirks

    Hi all!

    Hello and welcome to the forum
  10. Could you not just move the pots somewhere more sheltered or if they are in the ground then Personally i would use a cane and tie them to that until the roots are strong enough to support the plant but you may also have to trim the pitchers down a little to help the plant from being uprooted by the usual winter winds. Canes first and if they are still being battered by the winds then you may have to trim the pitchers.
  11. Can you not flush it through/rinse with safe water? 3 different buckets filled with rain/reverse osmosis/distilled water and check the tds of the water whilst the sphagnum moss is in there until you get a low reading?
  12. We've all had problems with the growing of these plants at one time or another. That's how humans work by learning from their mistakes. We are then told how to do it properly via research and asking questions. Good luck with your bog garden
  13. It is simple, they will do it naturally as the daytime shortens, usually November/December time for me also (grown indoors on a windowsill) Have fun catching them as they jump once disturbed. People use allsorts but i find a wet cotton bud works quite well when collecting them just gather them from the outside in.