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  1. Not the best pic,started a few years back but learning all the time.
  2. Picked this up in a garden centre,really like the colours is it possible to Id?
  3. Think I may have some growth from the sarracenia seeds,the sundews have done nothing yet. Knowing my luck it's just grass
  4. The sundews are Alicia,would it be beneficial to sow the sarracenia and put the pots in the fridge for a few weeks first.
  5. Just received some sarracenia and sundews seeds,I now know its not the best time to plant but will give it a go. Can they be sown straight away or need stratification. If so what's the best method and how long?
  6. When is the best time to split this overcrowded pot and my pitcher, i want to make an indoor bog garden with my pitchers. Can it be done now or best to wait till after dormancy. Sent from my F3111 using Tapatalk
  7. piker

    Hello all

    Thanks for the welcome, I'm from lancashire. After looking at flava descriptions i think your right, i let it flower this year and it took me about a week to realise where the smell was coming from, wife kept putting my work boots outside. Sent from my F3111 using Tapatalk
  8. piker

    Hello all

    Its a south facing conservatory so gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter but not below freezing. I will get a thermometer in there to monitor the temps this winter. I am a complete begginer really as you can see from the poor condition of the pitcher plant, any idea what type the plants are then i can do more reasearch. Sent from my F3111 using Tapatalk
  9. piker

    Hello all

    These are growing in my conservatory so i just leave them there. Sent from my F3111 using Tapatalk
  10. piker

    Hello all

    Just joined up to learn a bit more. I got my first venus fly trap from b&q about 3 years ago, its managed to get a decent size now. I then got given a pitcher plant and was hooked,put some pics on but the pitchers starting to die back now. Sent from my F3111 using Tapatalk