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  1. roberto morgado

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    The problem it isnt fungus sooty mold, i have tried before to remove manually with soap and it doesnt work, if it some fungus i need to know what is it... i have searching for all sarracenias fungus and i havent seen this before, maybe a virus¿? Thnaks!
  2. roberto morgado

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    But I’m really worried about that black patches, it’s not the normal dry brown patches...
  3. roberto morgado

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    But now i have 36ºC its not good to repot now, dont you? Now its getting worse... The young pitchers are getting dark too... have i to cut the pitchers? Thanks!
  4. roberto morgado

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    How can I solve this? I thought(some years ago) sarracenias with water and full sun would be great, but this year they are suffering too much. i don’t know if it’s a pest or this year heat...
  5. roberto morgado

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    It’s living sphagnum moss, but it’s not all green because the hot and the low humidity in madrid.
  6. roberto morgado

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    Good morning, in Madrid basically we are entering in summer and my sarracenias and dionaeas are getting some problems, i don't know if its a pest or sun burn or a fungus i hope you can help we. The plants are in pure sphagnum moss, 10-12 full. Some photos. I hope someone knows whats happesing the the answer!! Thanks!
  7. Wrong forum section!
  8. roberto morgado

    Uknown Green house pest

    Thanks for the answer, this year im having lots of troubles with all my plants.... Its difficult to describe the pest, but the one you say it seems to be the same. I had read that biological product to protects the plants so ill try that its the only thing i haven't tried i think :) I till tell you whats happening, Lots of thanks!!
  9. roberto morgado

    Problem with my sarracenia minor

    Lots of thanks, i have tried to use neem oil with soap to protect and try to eliminate the pest. As i havent seen rot problems i have given it less sun to try to aclimate, Thanks!!!
  10. Goodnight , I've been trying for some time to fight against an invisible plague. The plague is in my nepenthes greenhouse. I have my nepenthes in sphagnum moss with perlite and I have seen how underneath the surface there are many spider webs. I have tried with neem oil, with potassium soap, with acaricides and I can not eliminate the webs. I have even introduced a predatory mite of the spider mite for biological control (Phytoseiulus persimilis). The plants do not see them very affected, if perhaps a yellowish leaf, but the spahgnum is infected with spider webs, even between the roots. Is there any other pest that leaves spider webs in sphagnum moss? Any remedy to solve this? By the way, it seems strange to me that they are spider mites since it is a greenhouse that is always at 80% humidity and average temperatures. Thanks greetings!
  11. roberto morgado

    Problem with my sarracenia minor

    Good afternoon, The shipping was one day long so i dont know if its produced by shock, i were asking the seller and told me he had them full sun with water outside. The soil is peat moss, perlite and sand with 6:2:2 (Same than the other sarracenias). I had read than some people has problems with minors with the water, should i try letting dry the water for this sarracenias?¿ Thanks!
  12. roberto morgado

    Problem with my sarracenia minor

    Good night, I bought a sarracenia minor two weeks ago, I have it in the same conditions of my other sarracenia 10 hours full sun, with tons of water and blonde peat, perlite and sand. The others grow very well and the other minor okefenokee too, but the normal sarracenia minor doesn’t, it has deformed leaves and is getting the pitchers dry. what I’m doing bad? It needs less water? Less sun? thank you!
  13. Hello good night,

    I wanted to know if u hace some darlingtonia californica yet.

    Im from Spain and i wanted to know too if you have photos and shipping cost!


    1. Tim B.

      Tim B.


      oh, sorry, but I don't have some, at the moment. 

      Hope, meanwhile you found somebody? :)


    Good afternoon,

    I've been watching your plants post and would be interested in a few.

    -Utricularia dichotoma

    -Utricularia blanchetii

    -Utricularia parthenopipes

    -Dionaea sawtooth

    I'm from Spain and I would also like to know how I would pay you and the shipping costs.

    Thank you very much!

  15. roberto morgado

    Problems with sarracenias

    Thanks for the answer, I have bought a systemic insecticide to try it. i hope not to be a virus and this insecticide kill this pest and don’t damage my plants, my dionae is beginning to have spots too... thanks another time!