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  1. Hi,

    I have been having a look at this in regards to seeds mainly but there is of course work and everything else in the way so I am at the start but there are many papers / regs for this, my impression was as Duncs, there is a list of high risk and there are various statements to be found including -

    COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2018/2019 of 18 December 2018


    Since the adoption of Regulation (EU) 2016/2031, several preliminary assessments have been carried out concerning whether plants and plant products originating in third countries present a pest risk of an unacceptable level for the Union territory. Those assessments concluded that because certain plants and plant products fulfil one or more of the criteria set out in Annex III to that Regulation, they could qualify as ‘high risk plants’ or ‘high risk plant products’ within the meaning of Article 42 of that Regulation. The same preliminary risk assessments also concluded that seeds and in vitro material of those ‘high risk plants’ should be excluded from the scope of this Regulation as the level of pest risk is at an acceptable level.

    I hope for seeds at least we are safe if even those from the naughty list are allowed, I stopped there for now!


  2. Does sound complicated Marc! Only joking, going to make one or two here soon and my plans for those might sound a bit involved but not really!

    I've been having a read here too and looks like there are all kinds of ways of going about it. For me three things, need it to hold water in the summer, drain a bit in the winter if possible and I don't want perlite everywhere. My first is going to be a large terracotta planter lined with pond liner (I have some off cuts going if you need) most of the way up, little hole drilled at this point as a drain. Water via a waste pipe drilled and wrapped in geotextile, will have a stone over the top as a lid that I can move to check and refill water level. Got a plant in mind from a visit to PJ's for this one but I hope to make a larger mixed bed too. Also a few with different media, one peat, one pine bark etc and compare.

    Anyway good luck and look forward to seeing the results :)


  3. On ‎3‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 1:32 PM, dennisB said:



    If you don't know me my name is Dennis Balsdon and I was Mrs Bell's predecessor as Chair of the CPS.

    In the past few years:

    We have hosted the European CP Exhibition and Exchange.
    We have hosted the International Plant Society Conference at Kew Gardens which was attended by Sir David Attenbdorough and over 160 of the leading botanists and growers from around the world at which we made a profit in excess of £5000.
    We have introduced new CP events and shows at RHS Wisley, RHS Harlow Carr, RHS Rosemoor,  RHS Tatton Park, The National Botanical Garden of Wales and at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
    Members of the committee have given over 200 talks at garden clubs and at other institutions including the RHS.
    For the last two years we have been invited to the RHS Chelsea Garden Show at which we won silver gilt medals.
    We have made grants from our conservation fund to 6 organisations both in the UK and overseas which are involved in plant/habitat conservation.
    We took over the CPUK forum when it was in danger of folding.
    We have tried to promote our relationship with the UK's commercial growers.
    We have maintained our membership numbers at over 300 for the last ten years at a time when many specialist plant societies are shedding members.

    All this has been done by a dedicated group of volunteers who give of their time, expertise and in many cases their own money in order to enable the Society to achieve its objectives.  Some of these volunteers have served on the committee for decades.


    This sounds like the community that I signed up too. 
    Many thanks to everyone that makes it so, not been around here long but already I have been to events at Kew, Wisley and to a few of the great nurserys we have in this country. There's been adventures enjoyed, much more to be had, new friends made. The army grows. 
    I look forward to the future :)
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  4. Hi,


    think Ada has sorted the expectation bit but just to second they are slow and from the 50 odd lots in the ploy they all look the same(ish). They look good :) As said repot in the spring, if you like to see things a bit quicker for whatever reason force with much light and some nutrients as per threads on forums. Mine are outside and happy, time to acclimatise if you have the space? I have read about (and seen) the cold way and have gone for that, I have read about the lights on and no over winter way but a halfway house sounds new.

    I will find my thread or post a photo here soon of mine but they look similar just starting to die back now.

    Happy growing, Dean

  5. 3 hours ago, ada said:

    i collect and prepare fossils

    Me too Ada, I also refer to them as parents depending on the mood.

    There's other things but it is horticulture that rocks my little world! Various forms of exercise and then recovery lol takes up some more of my time and then eating, I'm really a big fan of eating. I like eating very much, even cooking and washing up, if it's to do with eating I'm on board :)

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  6. Took a couple of photos this eve and gave them another good drink, not to much to show at the moment but all is well.

    Got caught out on the first day of warm weather and have got some circles of white stuff, I am leaving the covers off now during the day and for the night I do use them but with many more holes ripped in the plastic! The growth of whatever kind has receded and the moss is growing back through so whatever it is it is in decline and also seeds germinating in affected areas do not seem to mind it. As I am not expert on white stuff growing in peat moss I cannot presume it is fatal and am reluctant to remove it at this stage for those reasons plus the number of seeds in affected areas are so small so impact is low but none the less I would like those plants if they want to live so I do not see the point of removal at this stage, plus I want to observe it. It will influence the planned poly refurb and greater areas of venting now feature in the design :)

    First ever marked by the stick, it's a bit farm yard here. Then we have a sample pot from one further ahead and a sample tray from one further behind, in reality there is not much difference at this stage, germination rates are good and most seeds have cracked now and are in the process of shaking that seed casing off. Poly tunnel issues aside - that's already in process, the immediate thoughts are next year experiment with light levels versus moss growth and how beneficial that is or not for seedling growth and peat moss prep, this sinks quick lol and whilst I got most of the lumps sorted on top it doesn't look like that now and I will spend more time on that, I've been lucky with where they have found themselves but I can make that better next time.

    Will update when we some difference in the seedlings, happy growing :)large.5ad8f783e4f53_circleofwhitestuff.jpg.254b4dae4ad96a72d332a2e9d27361f7.jpglarge.5ad8f785b170d_itsbythestick.jpg.449a4023df6fd094cb2598772aeb7223.jpglarge.5ad8f7877892d_samplepot.jpg.a010ca2e09f4a84f0a9e5f0cfccc3f8b.jpglarge.5ad8f78d99401_sampletray.jpg.7bcdce489c686eb3a278239a79c76f13.jpg

  7. Keith those Drosera seedlings have kicked me up the backside, they look great and you must be well pleased with them :) Thanks for posting them, I have a few different capensis types to sow so I will get those going after seeing those and feeling some sun yesterday.

    Speaking of which...   we have some showing! Nothing moving yesterday morning but put the covers down about 8pm and loads had cracked and you could see the root heading into the peat, this morning saw the first with two seed leaves showing! This is the first here so it has been marked lol and will be kept whatever it looks like but it is one from Chris Crows open pollenated seeds so could be anything. Just totally buzzing with that, been waiting a while for some to say hello and look forward to seeing what develops, will take a photo over the weekend.

    Plant wise with the Sarracinias there is around 50 of them about the place now, have a couple of dozen on the window sills mainly from Mike that turned up in the snow and they looked further ahead then the residents of my poly so have been indoors since late Feb. Because of this the first flowers have been shown a paint brush and the first traps are open. The poly is also waking up and also has a few flowers and traps showing, VFTs awake as well so we have a lot to look forward too :) 

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  8. Sorry wrong link that's for my own shopping lol! Found a German one which was good cost wise but can't remember now and off out but A. Peruvianum is quite a common house plant and always called something else whenever I see it over here, in garden centres will be called maiden head or for whatever reason silver something, either which way it is Peruvianum :)

  9. I just searched for private tours Kew gardens and annoyingly it said Februarys tours are focusing on cp's! Lol, March is for daff's now which I like too but.... bubbly fecks!

    Anywho, any news? There seems to be some interest and I would really love to go there, have never been so was going to email them anyway before I saw this, don't know what a private tour would cost if available but a good day out?


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  10. Hi,

    I don't know what you ordered / agreed or the price etc so feel I have no right to comment on that and personally if small divisions are available I would choose them priced accordingly of course but we can all see this is a small piece of rhizome so understand the question!

    It is a piece of rhizome though and only wish to say they are very impressive in general no matter the type, I am sure it will fire but would maybe remove some more material and have a shady spot and control moisture for a bit but would do that for any type of cutting which needs a root or two, which are also impressive things and quite dynamic.

    Anyway hope to see a photo of a much more impressive plant soon :)



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