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  2. Do you have any Aurora borealis available at the moment ?
  3. Hi Keep it on the window sill .. It will be fine.. Just ensure that it is not situated directly above a heating unit. I'm in The Netherlands -- had temperatures with my plants outside down to -7 degrees and they made it Water less. keep it damp and water again once the tray has tried out. Remove the dead leaves and traps when they turn black. Don't panic if the plant looks dead ... we all think that in the beginning.
  4. Living in Barendrecht .. The Netherlands ( close to Rotterdam)
  5. I have recently read of sphagnum white peat .. Is this superior to use than "normal" regular peat moss ? Does or has anybody used this white peat ? Are there any notably differences / advantages when caring for cephalotus ? Thank you in advance Lee
  6. My rainwater is 7ppm .. A safe value is below 50 ppm.. Depends on how you read my message :)
  7. I usually check mine with a tds meter.. Below 50ppm and you are ok.. but saying that i mostly have dionaea.. Not sure how pure the water should be for Sarrs and Cephs.
  8. Try not to place the plant in direct sunlight straight away especially with the heatwave we are experiencing at the moment.. A slightly shaded area would be ideal to start off with.
  9. I have in my collection various Dionaea. What does the abbreviation AF entail ? AF1 / Killer Queen AF7 WIki Purple Trap.. I also have some VFT's withouth the AF prefix ... Google searches and images show the AF name exists but what does it indicate ? DIonaea SL 015 for example is Stefan Lessen..... Thanks in advance Lee
  10. I have 2 greenhouses.. One gets driect sun so after the first year i put up shade cloth.. With direct sun and temps up and above 35 degrees they were suffering. In the other greenhouse which is more shaded naturally the plants grow slower and are not so vigourous as in the other greenhouse. I would let them have some morning sun but not direct for a while.. I also only sprayed my young plants .. or let them dry out between waterings if using the saucer method. When i grew my seeds i followed this guide,, ,was spot on with her advice. This was the result --- see photo. I planted 100 seeds so not too bad. https://www.thecarnivoregirl.com/care-guides/
  11. Read the post again .. slowly this time.. sorry didn't realise you had used the sulphur powder.. The little ones look perfect in the first photo. I have tried VFT seedlings under LED lighting as well as heated and unheated greenhouses. Additionally tried in closed bags and reducing the humidity slowly Luck of the draw, Sometimes you just get fantastic results and sometimes very disappointing / frustrating.
  12. Looks to me like you need a bit more air circulation
  13. Initially under led lighting just to get them started , that was probably about 2 months then when spring started into an unheated greenhouse.
  14. There are various events that will be held in the summer. What dates are you going to be in the Netherlands ? The Big event will be held. just next door in Belgium at the end of June namely the EEE 2020
  15. Welcome ,, i grow mainly VFT's too.
  16. Nice collection, I have a Nep Miranda taking over my house.
  17. Ok good to know. I have them in an unheated greenhouse and let them do their own thing.
  18. You mean normal or smaller than expected ?
  19. I'll have to plant a few trips to the uK this year for sure.. Unfortunately i never have enough money for plants and never enough space
  20. Seeds ( typical but labelled as parentage origins ) planted 25 february 2018 .. so almost 2 years old. Shown for sizing is a € 1 coin. Is this the expected growth for their age ? Thank you in advance !
  21. Lee Chamberlain


    I think these are aphids on my dionaea . Magnified 10 times. Saw them just in time.
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