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  1. What has worked for me specifically for dionaea ( venus fly traps) is to submerge the plant completely in rain water for one day.

    You maybe will have to repeat this until the aphids have all died. The first time will kill most but sometimes eggs will hatch later on so the chances

    are there could be more aphids. Look mostly under the leaves and on the stem .. that's where they like to hide.

    With a magnifying glass you can easily see them .. I used my iPhone with a magnifying app to take the photos.

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  2. I have algae too.. I'm just going to drain the water .. clean the trays and refill.  It's not much water anyway in my trays at the moment.

    Additionally i noticed worms of some sort in the soil of my dionaea so will repot too to be certain i start off spring with good healthy plants.

    Check your plants for aphids too. i see they are clearly visible and very hungry.


  3. Hi

    Keep it on the window sill .. It will be fine.. Just ensure that it is not situated directly above a heating unit.

    I'm in The Netherlands -- had temperatures with my plants outside down to -7 degrees and they made it

    Water less. keep it damp and water again once the tray has tried out. Remove the dead leaves and traps when they turn black.

    Don't panic if the plant looks dead ... we all think that in the beginning.

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