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  1. Hi, I took this photo using my new reversing ring for my camera lens.
  2. Hello, I should imagine that because you're in Italy you've had a much more gentle winter and the temperatures are starting to increase. I'm sure that this completely normal. I am in England and my Sarracenia have not yet come out of dormancy yet.
  3. Sundewde


    Some Utricularia blooms are triggered by long periods of wet followed by a period of dry. So for this period of dry, reduce watering and flower spikes should soon follow. Good luck
  4. Sundewde

    Pygmy Drosera

    Hi Rob, From my experience of growing pygmy sundews, they tend to last for about 3-4 years, producing at least 3 sets of gemmae over their lifetime. My most prolific pygmy is Hyperostigma, a lovely species with big, copper coloured flowers. Hope all is well, Billy
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to share this Drosera rotundifolia I found growing on Bodmin moor in the UK. They were once more widespread here, but following a recent expansion of the A30 road, a long strip of the plants were destroyed, along with some bog orchid species. This photo is taken of a population that grows about 200m from the road.
  6. Hi all, I just wanted to share a gorgeous flower from my Drosera hyperostigma. I find that this pygmy grows really well for me on a windowsill with LED grow lights supplementing the natural light.
  7. So I've got a pot of Pygmy sundews growing on my windowsill and growing in the pot alongside is a certain utricularia. Can anyone ID? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk