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  1. Thanks for the advice Steve. The temp shouldn’t be a problem, I have them in an unheated conservatory, it’s really the overwatering/root rot issue I was concerned about. I do have a few trays of live LFSM outside, so it should be no great loss if doesn’t make it.
  2. Hi, I have a small selection of VFTs that I keep indoors on a south-facing windowsill. All are grown in a 100% dried/chopped LFSM substrate with a really nice top dressing of healthy live sphagnum. I have to mist the live moss once, sometimes twice per day to stop it from drying. Baby FTS Lunatic Fringe w/ S. magellanicum Top Dressing. This winter will be my VFTs first dormancy. I’m concerned that they may receive too much water than is recommended due to the misting schedule, it does tend to keep the entire pot quite moist, not just the surface layer. I was kinda hop