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  1. Estalucy

    Is it too late?

    Thank you so much, sorry for the late reply!
  2. Hello everyone, sorry for the long post, but I would be grateful for some help regarding two of my plants. I have attached pictures of them both along with a close up of the problems. I've never had any issues with my succulents and cacti but this has happened the last few weeks. Also it would be great if someone can ID these for me as I'm very 'green' when it comes to cacti, so I apologize for being ignorant by not naming both plants. As you can see the succulent has browning and some holes in the new leaves, and the cactus has recently got a whiteish hard growth on the stems. Any help and advice will be appreciated, thank you. Esther.
  3. Estalucy

    Is it too late?

    Hi everyone, I have a drosera,it's in the Same pot as what I bought it in last May. I re potted a couple of my other carnivorous plants this spring but at the time my drosera didn't need it (it had been in dormancy for the winter), but now I think it really needs re potting, is it too late in the year to do it now? Any help/advice is appreciated. I have attached a pic I've just taken!