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  1. Hi Looks for me like a hybrid between D.spatulata x D.oblanceolata or D.spatulata x ultramafica. But not sure.
  2. That looks like D.tokainensis to me. I don't know any South American Drosera that looks like the one on the photo. With a little imagination, it could look a bit like D.esmeraldae, but I don't think so. D.esmeraldae from the D.capillaris complex is a very small plant with maximum of 2-2.5cm in diameter and is very rare in culture. Almost all available plants or seeds are D.spatulata or something from the D.natalensis complex. I'm going to commit to D.tokainensis. The flower also looks like it. D. spatulata mostly blooms white and not pink. The leaves (lamina) are also more spatulate and not rounded.
  3. Sry My english is bad. You need 2 genetic diffrent plants and they have to bloom at the same time. In winter it means cool overwintering. Almost no one has ever managed to get seeds of D.hamiltonii in culture.
  4. Hi All My temps are just for Winter, just Drosera. Sorry for my bad english. aliciae = south african drosera, at winter min.temp~ 15¢ max.temp.~25¢ binatabinata var. Dichotoma 'Giant Form'binata 'Otaki Forks'binata var. Multifida f. ExtremaDichotoma =D.binata 'Dichotoma'Extrema = same like binata var.Multifida f. Extrema , all this plants needs cool Temp ~ +5¢ to max. 15¢ capensis = Same like D.aliciae D.filiformis var. filiformis, USA, outside, needs frost, completly Winter resistent D filiformis var. tracyi, USA, Temp . -5 to +5, just slightly frost D.hybrida (D.filiformis x D.intermedia) USA, Temp. -10¢ to +5¢ , outside plant D.intermedia = completly frost resistent, outside, needs frost, Same like D.filiformis var. filiformis D.nidiformis = south african, Same like aliciae or capensis D.paleacea ssp. trichocaulis = D.trichocaulis (w/o paleacea) D.pulchella D.scorpioides D. 'Pearl' = D.lasiantha x ? , all this plants are Pygmy Drosera from Australia, cool temps ~ min.5¢ to max.15¢ D.paradoxa , Petiolaris Complex Drosera from North Australia, needs very hot temps, min. ~25¢ to ~ 35¢ D.regia. south african drosera, cool temps ~ 5¢ to max. 15¢ D.tracyi = south USA, plant like D.filiformis just bigger, temp ~5¢ to 10¢
  5. The flower looks like D.sargentii, but Not the plant. The plant looks like D.omissa. maybe it is the white flower species. D.omissa 'white flower' Sry. My english is bad.
  6. Hello Thanks for your kind words. Then here's my setup for the Petiolaris Drosera. My plastic tubs in which the plants are are standing in a room under the roof, there is the temperature at a few hours of sunshine always over 30 degrees. From the temperatures thus an optimal place. Direct sunlight does not get the plants off. Light: 4x 39W fluorescent Tube High Output 2x 6500 K. and 2x 3000 K. A secret Jardin finished faucet 2x 36 watts. 1x 6500K and once 2700K. Duration of lighting: 12,5h Lux: Don't have a real Luxmesser just an app for your smartphone. The measurement resulted in approx. 15000Lux. Humidity approx. 65%-70% in daylight and around 90% at night. Temperatures: On the day between 28-35 degrees. At night between 24-28 degrees. There is no fan in use. Regards Danny
  7. Hello. My name is Danny and I'm from Germany. I wanted to show you some pictures of my little collection of Petiolaris complex Drosera. I cultivated the types of section Lasiocephala since now 3 years very successful. I hope you like it. If any of you have any questions, then always bring it here. Bye Sry My english is Not so good.