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  1. Allow me a response to some of the remarks. Richard Nunn is a board member of the ICPS and has no commercial interests in promoting specific plants. I think we should focus on the main point of this article which is that more and more people give a plant that does well for them an name and prizes shoot up. Few of these plants are registered cultivars and for most the supposed unique character is questionable as many won't display it under (slightly) different growing conditions. The whole point is that these so called unique character points are often not outside the range of normal variation in a population, in other words if you visit a healthy population you are likely to find plants that fit the typical form, as well as "Big Boy", "German Giant", etc perfectly. So one must ask the question if the named plants are really distinct enough to warrant a name or if people are just wasting a lot of money for less then a sure succes. Remember also that we are talking of a single species so we don't have crosses, regressive factors etc that make e.g. Sarracenia and Nepenthes such a good subject for variation and possible cultivars. The only variation in Cephalotus is the natural variation within the single species that responds to external conditions that will vary as those conditions vary. The only, limited, result of variation that can be achieved is by the very slow process of selective breeding, consequently crossing the largest or darkest plants among themself, discarding regular or less distinct plants. After many many years you might get a plant that genetically has a little more pigment or size. Most of the so called special plants on todays market won't meet this criterium as they are pcked out of a group and given an name straight away. As I said in other posts on this forum, named locations have scientific value as opposed to the commercial values of cultivars and unregistered selections. Therefore I personally prefer those any day. If you want to spend a lot of money on those selectons, be my guest. Richard has just given you the change to stop and think for a moment...really..just think about it and if you have the time look up "tulip mania" on Google read it and look in the mirror. Final remark: some people have suggested only that only a few people can collect location material so probably there is a commercial interest and to top this that this kind of material should be distributed for free. I hardly think that is a fair remark as nobody asks that named location Sarracenia should be distributed for free! As for collection permits, apart from straight scientists, to the best of my knowledge those are all held by the same people that distributed the original material in the first place.
  2. Had some problems a week or so ago. For some reason "since my last visit"had changed to "past 24 hours". Fixed when I changed that.
  3. Yep. I would change the soil mix. Less perlite if at all (I never go above 30% anymore). I find my utrics don't like perlite, especially when it is breaking down. Also you should every year repot your utrics and when you do that try to break up the plant the a little/ Even al little tearing and turning the poll inside out helps to activate growth..
  4. Hi, Thank you for your opinion. Just to explain a little: It was always the intention to post the registration publicly after a couple of years as sort of a converence account. It is ICPS policy that video and/or printed registration becomes publicly available after a couple of years. On the ICPS homepage you can find a link that goes to available material from the confernces before 2010.http://www.carnivorousplants.org/news/Conferences.php The DVD's are indeed part of the conference packet for those that joint us at the conference but only a tiny amount of the conference fees where used. Actually only postage as most of the conference fees where used for accomadations etc. Production of the DvD's was funded through other means and even drew on general society funds of Carnivora as the only way to produce the DVD's turned out to be paying someone to put everything together. To avoid more extra costs we burned the material ourselves on private computers. ICPS conferences usually make very little profits if they do so at all. The 2010 ICPS conference made a small profit which was used shortly after the conference for conservation funding and exhibition materials for upcoming shows. The main reason why we chose to upload several of the video's at this time is as sort of a promotion for this years conference in Cairns, registration for which opened a week ago (when I get more info from Australia i'll post it on this forum of course).
  5. This actually P me off! Perhaps you can get books cheaper (doubtfull if you order through a society as Stew gives a good discount for grouporders) but Stewart is a good candidate for the most honest person you are likely to meet in your lifetime. The only treating as dirt I'm seeing is from people throwing mud around because they don't have the patience to wait for a book to be printed and can't see the difference between a solid actual date and a projected date. If you buy a car from a company that produces a dozen of that type each day and the only wait is for it to be sprayed in the color you ordered you can pin someone on a delivery date, not a small private company that I would like to remined everyone Stewart founded with his own money because the so called big, reliable publisher he worked with for his first book kept moving the completly finished book back for more than a year every time he got in a more lucrative book (larger numbers) to print.
  6. I'm getting very sad about all the remarks about the delays of Redfern books. I would like to point out that NOBODY forces people to do pre-orders! If a book is not printed yet, you know it can be delayed. When printed books don't arrive within 7 to 10 days you can complain but so far delivery has always been fast and accurate. If you don't want to pay several months before that actual delivery...wait till the book is in stock! Specific for the Lowrie books: I won't go into details on a public forum, but I know for a fact that the current delay is NOT Stewarts fault. As for the idea that you can get the books cheaper elsewhere....that only tells me that you don't buy through your society.
  7. The sell little plastic dishes with holes in them that you can plant the bulbs in. Put the dish in the hole, place the bulbs on it and cover. Before winter dig up the whole dish (bright green) with all the bulbs in it in one effort.
  8. Ok, some new information, slight change in end date fieldtrip: We have launched the Information Pack for the 2014 ICPS conference which includes details relating to registration, field trips and accommodation. If you haven't received a copy and would like to please email us at [email protected] Registration will be open on Monday 20 January. If you are interested in attending the field trip to Cape York seats are limited and deposits are required by 20 February. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/ICPSconference2014
  9. They do vary, so I think that the fact that you don't see any difference means that your "regular" livida is "out of Africa"
  10. Yep, not much to see before the end of May overhere. If you can't get away in late spring or summer (in Europe that is), you might consider September. Things will be going down allready in the field but you can still see some nice plants and you might join us in Italy as a large people of the more fanatical Europeans will be concentrated in one spot for a nice show, lectures, sales and general get together in Italy: https://www.facebook.com/Carnivorousplantexchangeeurope?fref=ts
  11. Ok, latest on the Lowrie books. Yes, they are delayed again. Just spoke to Stew and he has been trying to get the last pictures that are needed from Allen for the last couple of weeks. That really is the only hold up at this moment, but he does need those pictures....
  12. It is manmade by Ivan Snyder, is supposed to be nidiformis x dielsiana and the name has never been validly published.
  13. Laurent, first, for the safe side for anyone who casually reads this: The conference starts the 18th, 22nd is the startdate for the optional excursions for those who have attended the conference. There is not yet additional information and I don't think it is strange that you do not have a reply from Greg. First, he house and collection nearly went down in the massive forest fires and he spend his day between clearing wood for firebreaks and running a refugee centre at the botanical gardens. Second, The botanical gardens are in a reorganisation proces and he is afloat in paperwork. I know he'll give updates as soon as he can, but just not yet. When anything is known it will be announced here: https://www.facebook...nce2014?fref=ts and I will see that its posted on the ICPS site and here. Hope to see you there
  14. Ok. we are just about done so shipping will start somewhere in December. Last call for any mutations in addresses.... send it to: penningmeester [at] carnivora.nl (no spaces).
  15. I have no idea. I'll ask when I speak to Stew
  16. The books are at the printer and Stew hopes that they will be in the UK for distribution first half of december, so hopefully we will all have our copies before Santa arrives.
  17. Agree, good books with great pictures for a fair price.
  18. Hi everyone, At the Ark of Life project we received a request to help locate some clipeata pollen. The really large female plant at the Hyogo Prefectural Flower Centre in Japan is going to flower soon. If you have any in the near future let me know so I can bring you into contact with our Japanese friends
  19. Yes, it is official... The event will take place in the Botanical garden of Padova from Friday the 5th of September to Sunday the 7th of September. Follow us (the EEE committee) on Face book! https://www.facebook.com/Carnivorousplantexchangeeurope
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