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  1. Publication will be on the ICPS channel and will be phased out over several months after we recieve the video. This will be a) because of limited time of a limited number of volunteers to do the job and b) because we want people to attend and not just stay home and have the video 3 months later anyway. Also, video is rather new. Printed proceeds several months after the conference used to be the norm,
  2. The business is closed down. Christian posted on the Dutch society FB page and some other pages that any outstanding orders wouldn't be delivered anymore and that anyone who had paid already should send him an e-mail and he would send their money back... Like most forums The Dutch forum is really down is usage....most people moved to FB
  3. Not true, Carniflora has something like 6 or 8 pings depending on the time of year. I have seen this one there, not enough of a ping guy (All Hail The Dew!) to tell you what it is though
  4. CPS Conference 2018, Call for proposals. After the successful and exciting event in London, UK, it is about time to begin thinking about the next ICPS conference scheduled for 2018. According to the principle of fair global distribution and the set schedule, the next venue should preferably be located in The Americas. If you or your society feels this should be your turn, please send a proposal by email to marcel[at]carnivorousplants[dot]org. Please supply in your proposal information on the person/society (with contact details, preferably email) who would like to organize the conference, the intended venue (capacity, equipment), travel details, accommodation, field trip opportunities, how you plan to make a record of the conference (like proceedings) and any ideas you find useful for the ICPS board of directors to make a choice (in favor of your proposal). Please understand that, while potentially interesting from a theoretical perspective, proposals without a direct (personal) commitment to organize a conference cannot be accepted for serious consideration (or further discussion) by the board. The ICPS is prepared to distribute information on the forthcoming event to its members and if requested, monetary support to cover advance expenses can be supplied. The conference should, however, be economically self-sustained so a partial payment by the ICPS can be reimbursed subsequently. The ICPS can provide a grant for the creation of a record (like proceedings) of the conference. If you have any questions about what should be in a proposal or have questions about what to expect when you try to set up for a conference you can ask your questions by mail at the e-mail address mentioned before. A “Conference-manual” containing tips, tricks and hard earned experience of those who organized a conference before you is available to help you along the way. Your proposal should be received by the 15th of April 2017. Thank you very much for your consideration. Marcel van den Broek President, ICPS
  5. Yes, I'm referring to the ICPS Yes, we do check the publication and picture Yes, the pictures and discriptions can be found in Colin's books ( It needs to be a valid publication, not an open access publication so our registart will have seen it but we might not be allowed to share it) Yes, even when the rules are followed plants won't look the same depending on growing conditions so you need a reliable source.
  6. It is not perfect, but it isn't a blind process either There is little value in cultivars, period. It is stricktly a commercial activity and the number of plants that a really something special are extremely limited. Those who are happy with it, please enjoy. The ICPS register cultivars because a) someone has to do this by international standards and b) because some check is better than non. I stick to pure plants, and if I can get a legal plant with a location I'm really perfectly happy
  7. We match picture and text It would be easier to start fresh as this has 4.5 pages of comments over 3 years old before restarting. Also the topic started with doubts about a seller, not a cultivar discussion (again).
  8. For a valid publication (step one of getting a name registered) a color photograph is part of the demands. The ICPS asks for that publication before considering registration (unless publication will be done in CPN, in that case we also ahndle step 1 completely). Why are we restarting prehistoric posts and don't just start a new one?
  9. very wet toendra probably even submerged. However, variation should never eb an argument for bringing a species "back". Just before the last ice age we had lions in Europe and we're not bringing back those. If you want to reintroduce something, that can be done but do so with species that are no longe than two or three generations gone and only if the reason for them to leave has been fixed (like agricultural development).
  10. It was an illegal introduction into a nature reserve of a species that hasn't been seen in The Netherlands since the last ice age.
  11. Save the date! EEE 2017 Leiden Hi everyone, Here is some first information on the next European meeting, the EEE, that will be held in 2017. The event will be organized by Carnivora, the Dutch CPS. Location: Hortus botanicus Leiden, The Netherlands. Date: 11/12/13 August 2017 A public show display and information will be maintained from the 11th until the 20th of August. The EEE program will follow the usual set up of having a sales area and a display area open to all visitors, while registered participants can attend the 10 lectures we will organize. Also, registered participants can choose to attend the optional dinner. Registration method, fees and other details are still to be set and will follow with other additional information. General theme: As always we strive for an exhibition and set of lectures that will appeal to all, and in case of the exhibition should cover most CP species for the purpose of educating the general public. However, we will have a special theme this exhibition. As the botanical garden of Leiden is celebrating their 200 years of relations with BG Bogor in Indonesia (for some its original name “Buitenzorg” made sound familiar too) both lectures and display will pay special attention to Asia and Indonesia in particular. So, please come and help us make this yet another great event just like the previous ones and, by the way, help us celebrate our 30th birthday! Carnivora Please share this information around, more information will follow.
  12. That would depend on if your talking national or world status and will have large differences by species. Best would be to look here: http://www.iucnredlist.org/ The IUCN red list is what many countries use for their conservation policy..it is sort of the standard.
  13. He everyone, wasn't sure to do this as a society announcement or a sales as it is not really either (so feel free to move it). Anyway: The NASC and the ICPS has set up an auction to raise funds for conservation. The NASC will use the profits for plant rescues, the ICPS for signage on TNC property (TNC is one of the largest US organizations to manage nature reserves etc). for auction. Basic idea is the the upcomming days people can offer items (plants, seed, momento's, t-shirts, whatever). The highest bidder sends payment to the NASC account and the offering party and bidder will arange shipment. As some items can be send all over the world and the auction has the option of items being offered in all countries theremight be something for everyone. Please see the specific rules and conditions as both offering party and buyer MUST comply with all local and internatinal rules and regulations. See for rules and items here: http://icps.proboards.com/ Please feel free to share on local forums, FB, etc
  14. I agree that is not anything special (but I'm well known for not being a fan of VFT cultivars). For the record though should you insist in spreading this plant: not 'Antares' but "Antares". Unless you want to go to the proces of making it a registered cultivar. Code says informal names between " " and registered cultivars between singles ' '.
  15. Actually 'Royal Red' is two years older...sort of big brother...
  16. Hi Yunzi, Being International the ICPS doesn't have any meetings besides the conferences. We are not diveded in regional groups, like say the German society. We do have an active facebook group and a webforum and of course a high quality newsletter (digital available including the current issue, older issues become open access and the info in the newsletters is ofcourse searchable) and a webpage with good information on several topics, but nothing like actual face to face meeting. However, the things you ask on the facebookforum usually get a fast answer/response. Cheers, Marcel
  17. Glad you like the Leiden lectures. This years program looks just as good to me..this years hosts are working very hard to get the last details ironed out but what is sure at this time is already more than worth it.
  18. Nadja (and all): views change over the years and we must never forget that at some point all plants got taken from the wild. However, these days many species are highly endangered and what is even more worrying: collections are more and more not done to bring material into cultivation or to do research, etc but to make a profit or because people don't want to pay the price for a perfectly healthy cultivated specimen. If someone follows the laws and regulations that apply to the specific country and location than there is technically no problem with a responsible, small, collection. What I try to add to the discussion is the question of the need to collect even if you are allowed too... New species should be collected professionally because a) we don't know how rare it is yet and b) because many private collectors screw things up..the administration is off, they press the herbarium specimens wrong so they can't be used, etc. Species that are known and are in cultivation can be bought from reliable sources and offspring gets shared. New locations etc certainly have a value as they enrich the genetic basis of the secies in cultivation and could be collected within the rules as they apply... I just try to encourage people to think about the points of ethics I made. Taking your own example...you said you followed the rules to the best of your knowledge..so that is fine You didn't do it to get rich and you spread the material around There was no/hardly any material from Swaziland in cultivation so the material was genetically valuable It didn't involve new species. Nobody else was doing it or intending to do it. That sounds pretty ethical to me...but there are too many people who won't even bother thinking about it....
  19. Laws and regulations vary all over the world, but for me personally it is not so much a case of being allowd or not (though of course you should always follow the laws and regulations that apply). It's a question of ethics and those might be just harder to have than just follow the law. Basically people manage to convince themselves that seed should be taken because a location isn't doing well, the place is burning or flooding or whatever. Most common is of course..there was so many of it I only took X. What the real issues here are: SHOULD YOU COLLECT? For that you have to answer some questions: (again, this is my view, NOT an offical policy of anyone, just something I myself think everyone should consider). SHOULD: Is it legal? Is there really enough seed? collected amounts even for scientific purposes are set very low! Is the habitat really going to go or are fires, floodings etc natural processes? YOU Am I a good enough grower that I will get a high yield? No? Leave it to somebody else! Are you good enough at methods and keeping records that your collection will have a scientific value? No? Especially with rare species.. keep your paws of it! Do I want the plant for myself or to make money? Let it be, not ethical. Is it my intention to make the species more available to growers? Possibly ethical, check the other points. COLLECT Is the plant not available in cultivation already..or is it just to expensive/I myself have to wait too long? If not available...report the location to a scientist and see what can be done otherwise...leave it! Correct collections have permissions and paperwork that show who took what from where. Is it a possible new species? Take lots of pictures and register the location but don't touch...go to the nearest Univeristy or botanical garden and report your possible find. They will know how to do it right. This is of course not a complete list...but I hope it will give people something to think about.
  20. some updates available...registrations will open soon (Yeah!): http://www.thecps.org.uk/page.php?id=17
  21. We did it! The IUCN-CPSG is pleased to report that we reached our initial goal of $ 25,000 for a workshop assessing the carnivorous plants. We would like to thank everybody that helped to achieve this and we will keep you informed as things proceed.
  22. Come on people..two weeks to go. We all give a lot of money for plants to get them in our collection, how about a little for the ones in the wild?
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