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  1. Mine is still a baby, 30 cm Marcel
  2. @ Sheila, your welcome! Hope they will germinate soon. :) @ Jurgen: I guess that depends if you know how fresh the seeds are. If they're old it doesn't matter, if they are fresh you better start sowing. What Sean says is probably the trick. They germinated after a very cold periode (Heating failed in that room). Marcel
  3. I did absolutly nothing but put the seeds on bare soil. It took three (3!) years, but now i have a dozen second year plants. It can probably be done faster but they will germinate. Time is on our side :) . Marcel
  4. Ries, Mine managed minus 10, but lost out last winter with minus 15. Make sure you keep it dry. They don't like the combi of rain and cold. Suc7, Marcel
  5. Mine are doing great outdoors in 2/3 finnpeat 1/3 sand. Lots of young growth and flowers. In a swap at 0,8 m deep though. Keep them cool! Marcel
  6. Vulgaris will only germinate after frost, so the seed manders had was probably cold stored. You can sow it though. If the seeds hasn't had cold you just heve to wait for spring. I sew seeds in my swamp in august last year and was rewarded with something like 40 seedlingplants this spring. Marcel
  7. Marcel van den Broek


    If only the tips turn black it might just be sunburn. Does it have gluedrops? If so it is probably healthy and just in need of a litlle bit of shading (not to much). The plant i grow had it too and is after a bit of shading again healthy (35 cm across and still getting bigger). Marcel
  8. I think you can add P. fiorii and P. nevadensis. So far they are hardy in the Netherlands. Marcel
  9. All my european pings are grown outside. P. grandiflora, P. vallisnerifolia en P. vulgaris are slowly comming awake, as are the yearlings of P. balcanica (type red) but here the motherplant is still happely snorring along as are all the others. Marcel
  10. Hi Lowie, So far mine is happily growing in front of the kitchen window. It stands in a mix of 2 sand 1peat. Just don't keep it to wet. A bought it at about 8 cm's from gert Hogenstrijd in september 04 and it is now roughly 15 cm tall. A friend also bought one the same size and gives it al little more light, so its 2 cm's larger (grumble, crunch, envy). If i can grow it so can you. Marcel
  11. Hi Langy, for your questions: 1. I have one too, it flowered but only say 30% of the flowerbutts opened. about two months ago the leaves became smaller en less sticky and the larger leaves died. I removed the dead leaves and since last week a tiny plantlet is forming beside the motherplant. 2. I am also new to the petiolarisgroup but mine seems to like standing in a dish with water. I let it fall dry for two days and then give some more water. In the main growing period i don't let it fall dry. 3. By the activity of mine i would say a couple of weeks. Marcel
  12. Jules, They are all tropical species. Bring 'em in fast! They grow best (at least for me) in the windowsill at say 20 degrees C, they can take lower temps, but i wouldn't go below 12 degrees C. Reduce watering to keep them wet but not soaked. They wil flower 8 months a year and be green for 12 months. Marcel
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