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  1. I would be pleased to came back there to shot better photos. I was afraid to go into the water! Not for the carnivorous plants but maybe for another bigger animal like crocodile!!?? Maybe I will come back on April. Fernando, do you have some other reports in Nicaragua? Thanks
  2. Dear all, One year ago I asked if someone know about some carnivorous sites in Nicaragua. I spent one year there, and will spend more time there. During some trips, I found some Utrics. The first I found is an epíphytic plant on the Volcano Concepcion in the Ometepe Island in the south est face. It's grows near 1000m above sea level. It was flowered in September. Thanks to Kamil it said me it was U. praetermissa The volcano During we were climbing The flower The leaves Where they grow When I went to the caribbean coast in December, I saw 2 or 3 Utrics near Pearl Lag
  3. Dear all, The next year, I'll spend a lot of time in Nicaragua. I would be interested in meeting some specialists there or discovering carnivorous in the wild. I found some informations in the Internet that the most of Carnivorous are around Puerto Cabezas. Someone hear about Catopsis there? Thanks for your informations Merry Xmas Philippe
  4. As said John, if you are using Osmocote Exact Standard, you have to be careful about using it. It depends on temperature and humidity. If i would try to use it, I will do like this. Potting in autumn with a 9 months and during the growth period watering only on the top, but without a water level. Because if you are keeping always very wet and both under greenhouse with an higher temperature, the fertiliser will liberate quickly and you will lose or damage your plant. In horticulture like shrubs production, we are using this fertiliser at 4-6g per liter of substrate (included in the substrate)
  5. Hi all, I saw a colour variation on my Proboscidea's seedlings. You can see one plant with flowers darker than the other plants. They grow in the same place directly in the garden. I saw them in the beggining of June. Normal flower Coloured flower Comparation Plants On the right you can see the coloured one and on the left the normal one. I'll try to harvest the seeds appart to see if we can conserve the colour from seed.
  6. Hi all, Great job! This summer I did the reverse cross. I harvested some seeds which I saw directly on peet. I'll give some photos later... Can you see some "volubilis/climber" stems on your hybrid that we can see on U.nelumbifolia? Philippe
  7. Hello I'm Philippe and I live in Le Mans (where there are the 24 Hours : car race)!! in France
  8. Hello You said that your VFT were sometimes frozen. Ok. But how big was the pot? Can you think they could resist in a (small pot?) 8x8x8? I think it's the most important to get a big pot for a better inertia? bye