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  1. Hi Ada It was mainly the S. flava atropurpurea and rubricorpora, and S leucophylla's. I have the plant regions, but no codes to match them with
  2. Does anyone have a list of John Ainsworth Sarracenia plant codes, I had them once but can't find them now.
  3. Is Red Mars a registered cultivar?, I've noticed one for sale on a well known auction site. It might be me, but in my view there seems far too many Venus Fly Trap variations - many of which look the same.
  4. Hannah 

    It's Alan in Southport, apart from what I have bought, what other S. flava red tube plant have you for sale - not interested in hybrids , also looking for a mature leucophylla with very little veining if you have one



  5. James

    How much are you selling a division of the S. leucophylla Bay County for?, delivered to Southport

  6. Ahoj Pavel
    Díky za odpověď. Je možné, že mi před tím, než vám zaplatím, mi pošlete obrázek černé trubice S. Alata. Předtím jsem požádal o obrázek, ale myslím, že jste nepochopil, co jsem se zeptal.
    Doufám, že překladač pracoval, a chápete tuto zprávu.
    Prosím pošlete obrázek rostliny na [email protected]
    S pozdravem
  7. I am looking for a mature Sarracenia Alata Black tube from Desoto, do you have one for sale, I live in England

  8. Can I have a picture of the alata black tube you want to sell

  9. Good Morning everyone Due to other commitments, its been well over 18 months since being on the forum, as you may or may not be aware, I had a small carnivorous plant collection in Southport called Churchtown Carnivores. Sadly due to other commitments I had to sell off my collection, but kept a small collection of Venus Flytraps to entertain the Grandchildren. Hope to be starting a small collection again over the next few months, starting with Cephalotus. Hope you all have a great growing year, Alan
  10. Hi Alexis, long time no see. The plant is looking great
  11. I have some spare Supersphag and Im selling it on Ebay if anyone is looking for some for their carnivorous plants. Im selling in 50g packages and when mixed with 0.75ltr of water makes approx 2 ltrs of Sphagnum moss . The main advantage I have found is that Supersphag is weed free. Im selling 50g packets at £4.99 - delivery is free of charge into the uk
  12. Hi Mike Count me in, I'm looking forward to seeing your collection again.
  13. We are shocked and saddened to hear this - we met Susan at our open day a couple of years ago and enjoyed her vivacious company.