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    Nepenthes and everything pitcher-like/VFT/Orchids/Bonsai
  1. Hello guys, I am hunting for a replacement bulb for my Sunblaster T5HO 3ft (90cm) Fixture and it's driving me absolutely insane. Everyone's selling the full fixture but no one seems to have replacement bulbs... Would someone be able to point into the right direction? UK based shops (unless someone from abroad ships for a reasonable money cause I've seen american shops seem to have all the lights) or eventually maybe someone knows an UK based brand alternative for the replacement? I use 6400K coloured lamps, code on the lamp F3915 Many thanks in advance for all the tips
  2. Marcin Kulinski

    Hello from London

    Hello everyone, I've joined and been reading the forum for quite some time now but never actually got myself to set up the account properly and start writing posts so far so here I am... I've been growing since the childhood days really but got seriously obsessed about 3 years ago now. I grow mainly nepenthes, cephalotus, orchids, some cactuses (that's indoors) and saracenia, cobras, some droseras and pings outside. Also a big lover of passiflora in all different forms and I make some baby steps in creating bonsai. I am planning to join the Carnivorous & orchid societies in January if you have any tips, wants to share collections/plants/cuttings etc or simply have a chat hit me up. I will try to add some pics of my collection here when I download some pics from my phone. You can see a bit of it on instagram @learethiel