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  1. This is what I ordered
  2. Hi there, thank you for your advice. The only problem is I went and bought a cheap amazon grow light and my whole tank seems to love it with plants producing pitchers like below. thank for the response though
  3. I saw that too lol, was wondering what it was.
  4. Just to let you know that is a ventrata, a Nepenthes alata x ventricosa. Many places mis-sell them as alata
  5. When is the open day I went before but I cannot remember when it was
  6. So I might be going to the south of Portugal and was wondering if anyone knows where some may grow near there as I would like to see them.
  7. So I have a terrarium and recently found out with help from a friend that the lights are nowhere near strong enough. I need suggestions for good grow lights that you may recommend and aren’t too expensive. Please let me know what you would recommend.
  8. The temp is fine then, a nep should be able to acclimatise to that. It could be a pest or disease, I’m really not sure.
  9. Originally it was from Hampshire carnivorous plants and I gave it osmocote, the leaf growth is stupid and it takes up most of my terrarium. There is also a photo of it before osmocote.
  10. This a N. Talangensis x Robcantleyi. I’ve been growing it for quite a while. I gave it osmocote and the pitchers became rubbish but I had incredible leaf growth.
  11. I’m almost certain that that has N. Ventricosa in it as the pitchers are a similar shape. Below is a photo of N. Ventricosa. I hope I have helped in some way
  12. When I went to Malaysia me and a friend went to a ‘nepenthes garden’. If you are an enthusiast please visit it as it probably will close because it gets too few visitors. It is in Hulu Kinta near Ipoh and has many plants other than nepenthes as well. Anyway here are the pictures of the neps. :)
  13. At this location there are thousands of orchids including so many of the common twayade ( neottia Ovata ) that you have to be careful not to step on them. There was also butterfly orchids (not 100% sure what type ( lesser or greater look similar ). Finally there was dactylorhiza fuchsii ( the common spotted orchid ) and white or narrow leaved helleborine.
  14. I recently went to Malaysia and bought quite a few plants including an ampullaria tricolour ‘ugly’. Here are some photos of my now overcrowded terrarium.