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  1. Hi there! Awesome setup Vince, i must say. Really inspiring! If i may ask, how's the aquarium chiller working for you? I'm in the middle of constructing a highland terrarium of my own, albeit not as techy since I simply lack the skill. I'm considering a chiller for the night time temp drops. How much is your chiller able to drop the temps (and what's the ambient temp in the room generally at)? The best i'm able to find (in Sweden) max out at about 5 celsius, which I'm not sure is enough. I'm planning to run the cold water through an ice box heat exchanger and circulate the air over it u
  2. Thanks! And yeah, it's probably as stressful for me as it is for the plants (well almost, i haven't witherd... yet.). Good to hear! Guess it's a bit of a waiting game now then. The parts salvaged (a few root cuttings and a couple of leaves) are still looking nice and healthy. They came potted. Though with a few voids (for lack of a better word) in the soil, mainly on the edges. Guess it compacted during shipping due to being handled carelessly. I can imagine the Swedish Post Office playing ball with the package, putting it in some kind of pressure chamber and finally letting it
  3. Thank you very much for your reply! So you think my rot issue could actually be caused by the media beeing to dry? I have only ever let it slightly dry, i mean like, it's one step down from wet so always moist. I tried increasing humidity by using little cups on top of a couple of them when i noticed the wilting, didn't seem to do much at the time though. But i might have been to late. But if i have got it correctly you mean cephs can handle standing in a tray of water in high humidity? Provided of course the media consists of a free draining airy mix? Funny! I thought they
  4. Thank you! Let's see if this works!! Ceph - This one is of the crown 2 days after noticeable declining started. Ceph 2 - And this one is a shot of the roots after unpotting that same plant. Seems to be black spreading from the crown downwards? Anyways, the part of the roots still brown were salvaged and potted up in live sphag. Could this be an issue of crown rot?
  5. Hi forum! I'm kinda new here, but have been lurking around for awhile. Sorry for a really long first post, haha! I recently aquiered 7 cephs from a gentlemen who seem to have taken good care of them, they were all in good shape upon arrival. My problems started the following morning when i saw a colour change in the largest specimen. It had gone a dull-ish colour and the back of the pitchers looked purplish!? From there the plant went to brown and i eventually cut away all wilted pitchers and a portion of the stem to where i could see white inside, instead of dead tissue. I hav