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  1. Haven't been on in a while. Richard, do they thrive here??
  2. Mr T, We were there together on one of our trips when I took this pic. Sean, I'm open to changing the ID if it's incorrect.
  3. Hi there, Anybody grown these beauties here in Ireland?? Regards Craig Gibbon
  4. So I've set up the pot, which I plan to use for a season or two. Basically, upturned pot to act as a water reservoir, with peat and grit mix placed on top. Halfway up the side of the pot, I've drilled two small holes. So far, the mix is constantly damp and the excess water just drains from the two holes. Keep you guys posted.... Craig
  5. Thanks guys for all the constructive advise. I plan on getting a plasterers bath, 4 foot x 2 foot x foot deep, in a few weeks and fitting a tap at the bottom to drain the excess water from time to time and to bring fresh air to the roots. This pot however is just for a short while until I can get everything sorted.
  6. Hi Group, I'm about to set up my first bog garden for a few, 3, VFT clones. I have a standard shaped plastic flower pot which is 40 cms large. Would you guys advise about drilling a hole about 2 inches from the top to drain the excess water out? The pot does not have any drainage holes in it. Regards Craig
  7. Thanks Trev, any particular reason Why?? It seems to be pH neutral.
  8. Hi group, This question is for the guys here in Ireland. Has anyone used Westland Potting Grit? Is it any good? Regards, Craig
  9. Thank you all, im looking at a container that is 4 foot, by 2 foot wide and a foot deep. I'm sure that will be fine for the CPs that I want to grow.
  10. I will definitely make a plan Richard. Just not as mobile as I would like, one car between my wife and myself!
  11. Richard, by the way, I see you are a member of Botanic Network Group Ireland on Facebook.