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  1. Hi Andy Thanks for the update. Hope the weather was kind to you. Look forward to hearing from you shortly. Regards Robert
  2. Went back to Harlow Carr last Saturday for he CP day. Attended Stephen's talk on general CP's. Found it excellent as a beginner and very informative. Stephen later showed me how to split and pot a Sarra. This was very useful as I had just received a few bare rooted plants which needed potting. And so the collection grows!!!
  3. Hi Everyone from `sunny' South Yorkshire.. Early June I bought a Sarracenia Leucophylla from Wacks Wicked Plants at Chatsworth Flower Show. I few weeks later I bought 2 More Sarra's from Wacks at Harlow Carr - one Flava and Eva. Now I have joined this forum and the Carnivorous Plant Society and I'm buying a greenhouse!! How on earth did that happen?!!! Robert
  4. Hi I'm new to the site and have looked around to see if I am allowed to bid. Can't find anything saying I can't so - - I'd like to offer £8 Thanks Robert