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  1. Hi Alexis Thanks for the advice. There appears to loads of information on what to do when it's windy. But nothing to guide you as to what is considered windy!
  2. I have also been using 30mph as a cut off point. I have been looking at an app on my phone which gives me forecasted windspeeds hour by hour. If the app shows gusts of more than 30mph for more than an hour at a time I batten down the hatches. But am I being over cautious!!
  3. Small pause whilst you insert your own jokes!! Now my question. I've just built my first greenhouse an Elite High Eave with toughened glass and bar capping. Having had a few windy days I would like to know what wind speeds are considered too high to leave vents open. I am concerned that if I close all the vents because of wind that I am putting my plants, mostly Sarracenia, at risk of mold growth. Are winds gusting to 30 40 mph ok? Or what speeds would you suggest? All advice for a new greenhouse owner would be gratefully received.
  4. Hi everyone thanks for the welcome. I'm sure I will be taking advantage of free advice and help. I've already learnt a lot from the forum and members.
  5. Looks like deeper is better. You can always put less water in but you can't easily add depth!! Thanks guys. Robert
  6. Turning my thoughts to staging now. I intend to build my own but how deep should the tray/lagoon? be? Robert
  7. Just entered a competition to win a wooden greenhouse - so you never know!!
  8. Speaking as a complete novice. (I've never owned a greenhouse) I would have preferred a wooden greenhouse. They just look right and if mine had had to be in a prominent position I would have reconsidered my choice - although I'm not sure I could have afforded a wooden one. As it is, my green house will be mostly out of sight of the house hence aluminium. Purely cost in the end. Robert
  9. Thanks to everyone who has posted its been very useful I think I've got a plan now. My next problem is what to put into the green house!! But that's a nicer problem to have!! Robert
  10. Ok I'll see if I can find that info. Apparently 18 mg/l as calcium carbonate and described as soft.
  11. How do I check my water quality? I think we have soft water in Sheffield.
  12. Perhaps what I should have asked is what is a good amount to have stored? I'm not sure what amounts I will get through.
  13. Hi Ada I already have a 100 litre butt attached to the house. Thought I would swap that for 200 and put the smaller butt on the greenhouse. I only have a few plants as yet so hopefully that would be enough. I believe I could always daisy chain another butt later
  14. Yes - although the height would be limited by the gutter level obviously.
  15. Hi All and thanks for your responses. The web site seems to have just come back to life having been inaccessible all day. My plan so far is to dig a foundation trench to fit the base. I will then lay 2 - 3 courses of bricks to lift the greenhouse slightly. The eaves are already 5ft Insert a tube next to where the door will fit for an electric supply later. The inside of the foundation will be dug out slightly and the floor, probably paving slabs, laid on gravel and sand for drainage. The water butt will be sited at the other end from the door and extra solid area provided to stand it on. Hopefully I'll get this done before the greenhouse arrives. Regards Robert
  16. Thanks Gaz Power - not thought about that yet. Perhaps I'll stick a pipe through the foundation to take a cable later. Thanks Robert
  17. Just like to say I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Harlow Carr. I attended Stephens general introduction talk on Carnivorous Plants. Perfect for me as a beginner. Stephen later showed me how to split and repot a Sarra - very helpful as I had just received a few bare rooted plants. Thank you again Stephen.
  18. Hi I'm about to set up a greenhouse and thought it would be sensible to ask for advice as I'm new to greenhouses. I thought I would ask what in hindsight you would change with your greenhouse or perhaps what you decided to do which has worked really well. I suppose the obvious one is buy a bigger greenhouse but that goes without saying! Any tips would be appreciated. I intend to grow mainly Sarracenia but that may change as the `hobby' takes hold Robert
  19. I'm not a councillor. I'm in Fulwood - so not that far away. Regards Robert